Specialist TEFL Course - 30 Hours
Lesson Planning

$29.00 was $49.00
  • Useful resources, activities & lesson ideas
  • Simple and easy online format
  • Study anywhere, on any device
  • Expert support & comprehensive feedback from a dedicated tutor
Specialist TEFL Courses


When you’re teaching English abroad, inspired and engaging lessons are what will give your students the best learning experience. This extra 30 hours’ training will give you all you need to plan and create imaginative, effective lessons for learners of all ages.

What will this short course give you?

Whether you’re a newly qualified or experienced TEFL teacher, if you want to develop your lesson planning skills this is the ideal course for you. Or perhaps you have an observation coming up, or you may just want another string to your bow. Whatever your reasons, we’re sure you’ll feel confident and inspired when you reach the end of this in-depth course.

Ready to learn more about the Lesson Planning Certificate?

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Topics you'll cover

  • The importance of lesson planning
  • What makes a good lesson?
  • Lesson plan criteria
  • Putting it into practice & reflection
  • Creating a syllabus for your students
  • Assessing progress

What you'll receive

  • Useful resources, activities & lesson ideas for teenagers
  • Simple and easy online format
  • Study anywhere, on any device
  • Expert support & comprehensive feedback from a dedicated tutor
  • Recognised certificate from an accredited provider
  • Boosted career prospects
  • Dedicated TEFL recruitment support.

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