The best TEFL destinations for degree holders

Got a degree? Good news! The world is your oyster...

You might have heard us banging on about how you don’t need a degree to teach English abroad – and it’s true, you don’t. But in order to get a working visa and teach full-time, certain countries do ask for a degree.

Essentially, if you don’t have a degree, you can definitely still teach abroad – you just might need to be more flexible about where you’re willing to go. Check out our blog on ‘5 places you can teach abroad without a degree‘.

If you DO have a degree, however, you’ve got a few more options. And here are some of our favourites…



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Fast-becoming one of the more popular choices for degree-holding TEFLers, Japan is a great place to teach English abroad. Fact. From the serene, traditional beauty of Kyoto to the uber-modern metropolis of Tokyo, whatever kind of destination you’re looking for, Japan has them all. Plus, the Japanese have an excellent quality of life, TEFL teacher salaries are high and the food is some of the tastiest in the world. What more could you want?!


An obvious choice, Thailand is probably what you think of when you day-dream about packing up and jetting off to a tropical destination. You can spend your free time relaxing on the beach, snorkelling in crystal clear waters and hiking to waterfalls tucked away in lush green jungles. Sigh.

South Korea

If you want a taste of the real “Gangnam style”, head for South Korea’s crazy-cool capital, Seoul. Growing astronomically in popularity in recent years, this TEFL destination is uniquely charming, super-fun and as vibrant as you could possibly imagine. And what’s more, teachers are in high demand, they’re paid well and there are TONS of things to do on your days off. Seriously. TONS.


We couldn’t possibly make this list without China. It’s not for everyone, granted, but we believe that China is one of the most diverse and unique places on Earth. Yes, they’ve got lots of TEFL jobs and yes, you can earn a good salary – but more than that, there’s just so much to experience. Ancient traditions, weird and wonderful food and an eclectic mix of architecture ranging from thousand-year-old temples to some of the most state-of-the-art skyscrapers in the world. A great choice if you’re looking for adventure!


Vietnam is a haven for those looking to teach during the week and travel as much as possible at the weekend. In every direction, there’s a new and exciting place to discover. Hoi An’s famous lantern festival, sailing around islands at Halong Bay, Nha Trang’s over-water cable car (the longest in the world!)… it’s easy to see why TEFLers love it here.


If you’re more about the life of luxury and / or you want to save lots of cash – Dubai is the perfect place. No income tax, most TEFL jobs come with free accommodation and there are plenty of unreal sights to see and even more shopping to be done! Like the rest of the TEFL destinations on this list, Dubai has a high demand for TEFL teachers but beware than competition is rife and some employers may ask for TEFLers with teaching experience.


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