Unusual ideas for classroom activities

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you’ve already passed your TEFL Course with flying colours – because let’s face it, you’re pretty amazing when you put your mind to it! You moved across to a beautiful new country and you’re now at that stage where you know your students quite well. You’ve given them some detailed grammar lessons and they’ve told you all about their weekends several times. To break up the routine a little, for yourself as well as the students, why not try some of these interesting ideas for the classroom?

To be, or not to be.

Shakespeare might be a little too advanced for your classes but adding a little drama to the classroom really helps to change things up a bit. You could pick a play or invent some everyday scenarios for the students to act out (like going to the supermarket). Just make sure it’s of an appropriate ability level! It’s always great for the students when they don’t realise they’re learning!


This vocabulary builder is a game for all levels. It requires a board and 2 students or teams. Stick images on the board and as the teacher, name one of the images out loud. The first student to “Splat!” the correct image wins a point! For more advanced classes, you can describe the object instead. This is an excellent finisher to check whether students have understood your lesson. It can also act as a filler if your lesson plan is already finished. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

child drawing

Selling an invention

This activity allows a student some time to think about what they want to say and to do it creatively. Ask students to come up with an invention they really wish existed. This can be as creative and wild as they like. With this invention in mind they can then design posters or devise a sales pitch to the rest of the class. It all depends on how confident they are!

Classroom Technology

If you have the option to, it’s always worth taking advantage of the technology at your disposal. If the school has a TV or access to the internet, why not introduce the class to your favourite childhood TV programme? Using technology in the classroom keeps things fresh and engaging for the students, and if it is at an appropriate level for your students, they’re bound to learn something new! It’s not cheating, honest!

Simon Says TEFL!

Simon Says is a classic childhood game that is surprisingly good at teaching English to young students. Perfect for teaching verbs, this popular activity can last as long as you like. We’d recommend the game as a warm up or a filler at the end of a lesson.

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