Why University is the Perfect Time to Start Your TEFL Course

What do you plan to do when you graduate? It’s the question every student tries to avoid, the weight of expectation that three years at university will lead to more than just a mountain of debt and a fruitless job hunt.

The good news is that while good jobs at home are rarer than giant pandas, there are thousands of amazing opportunities all over the world for enthusiastic graduates like you to teach English abroad, it’s a great way to travel, earn and gain new skills. Get the lowdown with your FREE Graduate’s Guide to Teaching and Travelling Abroad: https://www.i-to-i.com/graduates.

You don’t need to speak another language or have any teaching experience, all you need is a TEFL certificate. And the good news is that university is the perfect time to start your TEFL course. Here’s why:

1) You’ll Be All Set For Graduation

Why waste time? If you do your TEFL course while you’re still at university you’ll be ready and raring to go as soon as you finish that dreaded final exam. Just think, while your friends are all competing for the same old entry-level jobs, you could be jetting off to Thailand, Japan, Ecuador, China… throw a pin in an Atlas and take your pick.

2) It’s Perfect for Procrastination

Be honest with yourself – do you turn procrastination into a fine art? Why not do something useful while you’re dodging essays and assignments! As the online element of your TEFL course can be completed in little chunks, it’s perfect for when you’ve got an odd half an hour free.

3) You’re Already In ‘Learn’ Mode

Unless you’re planning to go into academia, your brain does a funny thing after you leave university. It switches from ‘learn’ mode onto ‘get to the end of the day’ mode, especially if you’re going into a mind-numbing office job. And it can be pretty tricky to switch back to learn again, so strike while you’re still ready to absorb information.

4) You’ll Have the Opportunity to Practice Your TEFL Skills

While you don’t need any previous teaching experience to land a TEFL job, it does help boost applications. The good news is that university’s a great place to pick up a bit of teaching practice. Your student union probably has solid links with volunteer organisations, giving you the opportunity to help migrants with their English skills. Or, you could help first-year international students with their language skills. Either way, you’ll have the opportunity to put everything you’re learning on your course into practice.

So, are you ready to TEFL? Find out more about teaching opportunities all over the world with your free copy of The Graduates Guide to Teaching & Travelling Abroad: https://www.i-to-i.com/graduates.


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