TEFL Q&A with i-to-i’s TEFL expert: Jordan

Thinking about starting a TEFL journey? You’re bound to have a few questions! We sat down with our TEFL expert, Jordan, who answered some of our most frequently asked questions and tells us a little bit more about TEFL. Take a look at the video below…

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  1. Kimberley Stafford

    I have worked in schools ad a senior teaching assistant for 15years or more would this be an advantage for me when applying for a job as I havent got a degree.

    • catherinegreenwood

      Hi Kimberley, great to hear from you! Your experience as a teaching assistant would definitely help with your job applications if you were to look for teaching jobs abroad. We also offer a range of Level 5 TEFL Courses and Diplomas which would boost your employment potential. I’ve passed your email address on to our TEFL experts so someone will be in touch with more information shortly. All the best!

  2. Mollie Davies


    I have gained an interview for a English teaching position in China which will start in August, but I have yet to complete my TEFL. Will this be a problem during the interview?

    • catherinegreenwood

      Hi Mollie, great to hear from you. Congrats on getting an interview! It shouldn’t be too much of an issue, just let the employer know that your qualification is in progress if they ask. Many of our students apply for jobs during their studies so it’s not unheard of. If your interview is successful, you might get a conditional job offer from the employer and then you can update them once you pass your course. Hope this helps! All the best and good luck :)

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