Getting a TEFL Job with No Experience

Are you new to teaching English abroad and nervous about getting your first TEFL job? Understandably it’s a very daunting process particularly if you don’t know where to begin. But, have no fear – we are here to help. Some of you may be surprised to hear that finding TEFL jobs really isn’t as difficult as you might think; especially if you take note of some of the top tips in this blog. So, sit back, relax and prepare to get job hunting in about five minutes. Here’s how to get your dream TEFL Job with no experience!

Do a TEFL Course

Talk about stating the obvious! But yes, if you want a TEFL job then, of course, getting a teaching English as a foreign language qualification should be your first port of call. We get a lot of good feedback from people who have completed our courses who then go off and get some fantastic jobs.

Joram van Ginkel – “I just finished the 140hrs course! Can’t wait to get started! The last 3 months were a rollercoaster but I made it! Thanks, i-to-i!”

Oli Miletic – “I just finished teaching young learners and teaching with limited resources specialist courses and thoroughly enjoyed them. Thanks again i-to-i!”

Research the Best Places to Teach

When looking for your first job there isn’t much point in applying for positions in places that have a low demand for teachers, as they’ll most likely pick people with some experience over none (harsh but true). Don’t worry though; many of the top TEFL destinations also have the highest demand for teachers. Asia and South America are always on the lookout (hello amazing beaches and great food) and for many positions in this part of the world – you don’t need any experience.

Get Applying for Jobs!

TOP TIP: Try and bring out your past which demonstrates the use of people skills and your interest in foreign countries and you shouldn’t go far wrong.

As with any kind of job, the more positions that you actually apply for, the more likely it is you’ll get an interview and land yourself a job. The most common way to apply for a TEFL job is either online or in-person (once you’re in-country).

If you are applying online make sure you’ve researched the company fully (a basic google search should do the trick). It’s also a good idea to request contact details for previous teachers as they will be able to tell you about day to day life, management styles and what kind of area the school is in.

Walk-in applications are probably the riskiest ways of finding a job, but for the brave amongst you, it can be one of the best ways to secure your first TEFL job, especially in South America. One difficulty that some first time TEFLers face is that the distance means interviews are usually held over the telephone or Skype, which in some cases can’t give a precise representation of what you are like or your ability.

Giving potential employers the opportunity to meet you in person is a great positive for you and often leads to an on-the-spot job offer. When job hunting in this way remember that appearance goes a long way (so make sure you pack your smartest suit and a good pair of shoes).

So, hopefully, you’re feeling a little less nervous about getting your first TEFL job by now. Remember, like anything, go the extra mile and you will get noticed.

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