9 Tips on preparing for your TEFL interview

All that hard work on your TEFL job application has paid off – you’ve been invited for an interview. Yippee! Now you just need to convince the interviewer that you are the perfect fit for their job. And because we’re lovely, we’ve drawn together our top tips to help you to prepare for your TEFL interview. You’re welcome.

1. Show off your talent

If you’ve not already got your TEFL qualification, now’s the time to get some training behind you. An accredited TEFL certificate (like ours) will go a long way to showing you’re ready to do the job.

2. Be in the know

Research the school and local area online and check if any of the TEFL teachers have written blogs or are part of Facebook groups you can join. The more you know, the better you can prepare examples that fit with what the school is looking for – and think of a couple of questions to ask them!

3. Practice makes perfect

Particularly if it’s a Skype interview, a bit of practice can help you remember things to say and go some way towards avoiding any awkward silences. Write down some of your main points about yourself, why you want to TEFL, what’s attracted you to your chosen country, etc. and practice talking about them either with a friend or in the mirror. Confidence is key!

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4. Know the answers

From teaching experience to classroom management to teaching grammar – some questions crop up in almost every TEFL interview. Prepare great responses that link directly to the job you’re being interviewed for and you’re well on your way to having it in the bag.

5. Ask the questions

It’s not just about your answers, your questions matter too. Show you’ve done your research by preparing specific questions on relevant topics such as TEFL course books, class sizes and professional development opportunities.

6. Make a brilliant first impression

If your interview is over the phone, feel free to stay in your PJs. Otherwise, we recommend wearing formal, business attire, removing piercings and covering up tattoos. Put together your outfit well before the interview to avoid a last minute panic.

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7. Check the details

Turning up late or at the wrong location is not the best way to land that TEFL job. Double check the time and place for your interview and work out your route in advance. Build in an extra half hour for that unexpected bus delay or closed road. If you arrive early, pop into a local café or walk around the block and then walk in confidently, bang on time.

8. Set the scene

If you’re being interviewed over Skype, set up your interview space in advance. Position the camera to a suitable background (plain walls are better than horror movie posters!), close the windows and turn off anything that beeps. And make sure you check the time zone and who will start the call.

9. Smile

Take a deep breath and smile. With your smart appearance, friendly face and brilliant preparation you look like the perfect TEFL candidate. Good luck!

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