5 Things TEFL Will Teach You

Every little thing we do in life is going to teach us a lesson – whether they’re good or bad, there will still be a lesson!  When it comes to teaching abroad, it’ll involve packing up your life and heading somewhere new, meaning that you’ll encounter new people, new rules and new cultures. Here are 5 things teaching abroad will teach you.

1) How important your friends and family at home are

Often when we see people all the time we start to take them for granted; and sometimes it’s not until we’re hundreds of miles away that we start to appreciate just how special they are!

Perhaps you feel like you depend on those closest to you a little bit too much and you’re ready for some more of your own independence.  Whether it be living on your own or being responsible for a classroom of three year olds, teaching abroad will give you endless amounts of independence (and you can quote us on that!)  Having said that, due to the wonders of modern technology, you’ll always know that your loved ones are just a phone (or Skype) call away.  Plus, you can be sure that they’ll send little packages now and then of some of your favourite home comforts.

2) How much more eager foreign students are to learn

Believe it or not, in most countries the students are so keen to learn that they’ll even stay for extra hours, which is a refreshing to your contrast at school; and will make your job a lot more enjoyable because if they are eager to learn you will be passionate to teach them.  Students will also tend to spend a lot of time on their homework, going the extra mile to impress you.

3) The importance of stocking up on your favourite sweets before you go!

This may seem like a silly one but it’s vital! There is absolutely nothing worse than craving something you know you can’t get, that’s hundreds (or even thousands!) of miles away.  Teaching abroad can get tiring, so a little sugar rush now and again shouldn’t go amiss.

4) Learning another language isn’t easy

It’s a well-known fact that unless you go and spend some time in the country of the language you want to learn, you’re not going to become fluent very easily.  Obviously, teaching abroad involves sharing your knowledge of the English language, so in most countries you aren’t obliged to know the local lingo but it will always help if you have a little bit of understanding.  There are so many ways to improve your language skills e.g. joining a club, going out and meeting new people, living with the locals etc.

5) The importance of just going for it!

Any new adventure is going to be daunting, but if you don’t give yourself the final push that you need to just go for it, you never will.  Many people have said that the fear of packing your bags and seeing where the wind takes you is nothing on the fear of staying put doing what you’ve always done.

Do you think you are ready to take that step and learn these things for yourself?

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