Teaching English in Oman

To many in the west little is known about Oman, often marked down as just another Gulf state, perhaps not as spectacular or well developed as Dubai or Qatar. But, but for those who have been fortunate enough to visit this vast Arabian nation it is often considered to be the Middle East’s best-kept secret. For beach lovers, Oman has huge stretches of sandy coastline, close to 1700 KM in length, with plenty of sea turtle nesting sites and busy port cities. Whilst those more adventurous will find vast desert land and mammoth mountain ranges ready for exploration.

Not so long ago many of the Omani roads were sealed, only available with select permission, and at one time the gates to Muscat were closed overnight creating a great shroud of mystery regarding this fascinating nation. Now the cities, people, and culture of Oman are far more accessible, and guests and travellers to the country are welcomed with open arms, with the country’s tourist industry undergoing some rapid growth. Oman’s rich Bedouin history, vast natural beauty, and ancient maritime traditions make it a great destination for those wishing to explore the Middle East, or even find a new home in the Arab world.

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Teaching English in Oman

Oman is still considered a new destination in terms of teaching, but one that is a very viable option for those serious about carving a career in education in the Middle East. TEFL teachers can typically find work in private schools and colleges, many of which will teach their entire curriculum in English, making it very possible to teach subjects beyond English language. The country is also home to many international language schools, well attended a vast mix of expats and foreign workers. The majority of private classes will take place in the evenings as most attendees will work during the day, so expect unsocial hours.

Native English speakers are still somewhat rare in Oman, so the demand is very much there for good native TEFL teachers and some attractive employment packages can be found, including free or heavily subsidised housing, reimbursed airfare and a high level of pay, certainly more than enough to live comfortably with some modern luxuries. TEFL salaries tend to be anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per month, but with cheap or free housing, and the relatively low cost of living in comparison with neighbouring states, TEFL teachers can expect to live on half their teaching wage, making it very possible to build up some significant savings.

All TEFL teachers in Oman are required to have a minimum of a degree, a recognised TEFL certificate and in most cases, at least 2 years relevant experience. Whilst TEFL jobs in Oman are available throughout the year, the best time for recruitment is in August/September.

Why we love about Oman…

The Wahiba Sands

There’s something magical about this small desert, just 2 hours drive from the capital, Muscat. Take a 4×4 tour of this fascinating landscape and camp out under the stars to get the true Wahiba experience.

Masirah Island

The Masirah is a desert island 90 miles in circumference, mostly made up of quiet, often deserted, pristine sandy beaches. You won’t find any tourist attractions or shopping centres, but you will find some of the more tranquil and idyllic sunbathing, snorkelling, and swimming in the Middle East.

Wadi Bih Relay

The Wadi Bih Relay is Oman’s annual 75 KM race across the stunning Musandam Peninsula. It’s a fun and well-attended event with a great atmosphere, a must for both race fans and culture junkies.

Snake Gorge

Snake Gorge is a breathtaking sheer-sided canyon off the Wadi Bani Awf which can only be descended by jumping off cliffs into plunge pools and sliding down natural flumes. It’s one for the bucket list, though be advised to take a local guide.

If you would like more information on TEFL Courses and how you can become a TEFL teacher click here.

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  1. huraine bhutta

    looking to teach english in Oman – will be moving to Oman in Jan 2017

  2. Lauren Johnstone

    I want to teach in Oman but only have TEFL and 2.5 yrs teaching experience. Please help me.

  3. Budu kingsley

    I have B.sc in mass communication.i have been teaching English in sec. school for more than 5 years,.please tell me what i need to become a TEFL teacher

    • Rebecca Potts


      Thanks for getting in touch. Great news that you’re interested in becoming a TEFL teacher! To get qualified you will need to complete a minimum of 120 hours TEFL training, take a look at our courses here: https://www.i-to-i.com/tefl-courses/.

      Thank you
      Your i-to-i team

  4. Eric

    15 years teaching experience (history) M. Ed Degree, I would like to learn how to become qualified for TEFL

    • Rebecca Potts

      Hello Eric

      Thanks for getting in touch. In order to become a qualified TEFL teacher you will need a minimum of 120 hours TEFL training, you can get this through one of our TEFL courses: https://www.i-to-i.com/tefl-courses/. If you have any questions about which course is right for you please give our office a call and one of our TEFL advisers will be happy to help you.

      Thank you
      Your i-to-i team


    I would like to move to Oman to teach English there, I have TEFL and more than 20 years teaching experience.Tell me I am fond of this country

    • Rebecca Potts


      Thanks for getting in touch about teaching English abroad in Oman. That’s great that you already have a TEFL qualification and teaching experience. You can check out the TEFL jobs which are available on our jobs board here: https://www.i-to-i.com/tefl-jobs-abroad/. However, if you are keen to teach in Oman we’d recommend searching http://www.TEFL.com which advertises the majority of TEFL positions across the world.

      Thank you
      Your i-to-i team

  6. Monirosadat Hosseini

    Hi dear friend,
    It is my pleasure to live and work in Oman because I have heard about this country as a developed country with kind people. This is why I, as an experienced English teacher in high schools and universities, would like to work there and live peacefully and friendly with friendly people. Actually I have PhD degree in teaching English (TESOL) from Malaysia and am qualified in teaching English with a high psychological study in education. My students generally become really motivated and energetic after my teaching sessions.

  7. Mehrshad

    I’ve been teaching English as a non-native to adults for about ten years in an accredited language school in Tehran,Iran and willing to teach in Muscat. Can I do a TEFL course in Iran prior to applying for a job in Muscat or the chances are higher once doing the course in destination country or city which in this case is Muscat?

  8. Chris (Harry) Hood

    Hi ,
    My wife and i are currently teaching in China but after 2 years it’s time to move on and the Middle East looks like an interesting option . I have a B.Ed and my wife a BA major in English Lit. Any age restrictions in Oman ? I am 61 my wife 57 . I have plenty of teaching experience and my wife has had the last 2 years in China. We also owned our own business in Australia for many years . Looking forward to hearing from you


  9. Simone fillis

    Good day i would love to teach in Oman, i have two years of teaching experience with first graders in Thailand and i only have Tefl cerficate no degree. Thank you

  10. Mark

    Good day. I am an experienced English teacher and have taught EFL in Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. I hold a degree with English as a major and a Higher Diploma in Education. I also have a 120 hour TEFL course certificate and a TEFL tutor certificate.

    I am very interested in teaching in Oman, preferably at a language school, but I would also be interested in teaching at a secondary school.

  11. Munir Mohammed Adam

    Until recently Oman has become a thought in my mind.I want to feel the grace of this islands I could become of the teachers who taught in that country.I have been teaching English language and Literature in English for the past 6 years.I hold a Bachelor of Education in English.I hope you will include me in you programmes

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