Who can TEFL?

You can! As long as you have a fluent level of English and a can-do attitude you can complete a TEFL course with us! You don’t need a degree or any previous teaching experience! The demand for TEFL qualified teachers is at an all-time high, online, and all over the world which is why our TEFL Courses are open to anyone who can speak English fluently.

What qualifications do I need to complete a TEFL course?

None! The great thing about our TEFL courses is you don’t need a degree or any formal qualifications to enrol as we’ll teach you absolutely everything you need to know! As long as you can speak English and have the motivation, and determination you’ll ace our courses! Some TEFL course providers may ask you for the equivalent of A-levels or a high school graduation certificate, and some might even require a degree, but we don’t!

Are there any age restrictions for completing a TEFL course?

There is no minimum age to enrol onto one of our TEFL courses and the great news is, there are no upper-age limits when it comes to enrolling onto a TEFL course, in fact, being a little bit older can often help you complete your course and land a TEFL job!

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Do I need to be a native English speaker to enrol onto a TEFL course?

No – not at all! As long as you have a good grasp of the English language and can speak it fluently you can enrol onto one of our courses! We’ll teach you everything you need to know about sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and much more so although you might not be a native-English speaker, by the end of your course you’ll definitely seem like one.

How do I apply for a TEFL course?

As we’ve already mentioned anyone who is fluent in English can enrol onto a TEFL course, so the term ‘apply’ can sometimes be confusing. Instead, think of it as enrolling rather than applying as you don’t need to go through an application process to enrol onto one of our courses. To enrol onto a course, you can simply do this by finding the best course for you and adding it to your online shopping cart, once you’ve purchased your course you’ll be sent a confirmation email with all of the information you need to activate and enrol – it’s as easy as that.

If you’re not sure if your English in good enough or what course is best for you, our team can help! Request a free call with them and they’ll be able to check your level of English and point you in the right direction of the best course to suit your needs and requirements.


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