Save up to 50% on Paid TEFL Internships. Offer ends Friday 29th September.

Paid TEFL Internships

Saveup to 50%on Paid TEFL Internships

Offers end Friday 29th September

Forget making coffee and wrestling with the photocopier - this is not your typical internship.

Paid Vietnam TEFL Internship

$959.40 was $1,599.00

  • Offer ends: Friday 29th September
  • Length: 4.5 months
  • Start Dates: 7th January 2018, August 2018.
  • Living allowance: US$700 (£550) per month
  • Benefits:
    • 120 hours of online TEFL training
    • Orientation & full support throughout
    • 4.5 months’ practical teaching experience
    • US$700 (£550) monthly living allowance, with US$700 (£550) completion bonus

Paid Thailand TEFL Internship

$879.45 was $1,599.00

  • Offer ends: Friday 29th September
  • Length: 5 months
  • Start Dates: 22nd October 2017, May 2018, October 2018.
  • Living allowance: From 22,000THB (£500/US$620 per month)
  • Benefits:
    • 120 hours online TEFL training
    • Orientation & full support throughout
    • 5 months’ practical teaching experience
    • From 22,000THB (£500/US$620) per month living allowance & 10,000THB (£225/US$280) completion bonus

Paid China TEFL Internship

$799.50 was $1,599.00

  • Offer ends: Friday 29th September
  • Length: 5 months
  • Start Dates: 20th February 2018, August 2018.
  • Living allowance: 2000RMB (£200) per month
  • Benefits:
    • 140 hours of online & classroom TEFL training
    • Orientation & full support throughout
    • 5 months’ practical teaching experience
    • 2000RMB(£200/US$260) monthly living allowance & 2500RMB(£250/US$320) completion bonus

Paid Spain TEFL Internship


  • Length: 9 months
  • Start Dates: 29th September 2017, September 2018.
  • Living allowance: €315 (£260/US$330) per month
  • Benefits:
    • 150 hours of in-country advanced TEFL training
    • Orientation & full support throughout
    • 9 months’ practical teaching experience
    • €315 (£260/US$330) per month living allowance

Want more out of your teaching experience? Put more into it.

Always dreamed of discovering one of the world's most sought after travel locations? If you want to discover the world of TEFL and need a helping hand to get you started, then a TEFL internship might be perfect for you.

Your Paid TEFL Internship includes:

Some meals
Orientation in a major city
Airport pickup & transfer
Great living allowance
120 Hour Internationally Recognised TEFL Qualification
Hands on teaching experience
24/7 in-country support
Brand new friends
Long-term job opportunities
Discover a new country & culture
Visa assistance

Get inspired: a day in the life of a TEFL traveller

When you’re overseas teaching English, every day is packed with one-off experiences that will stay with you forever. Get inspired for your trip here!

Meet & greet

7am Meet and greet


It’s a beautiful day - welcome your students at the gates as they arrive at school.

Breakfast time

7:30am Breakfast time


Think rice porridge, noodles, eggs, papaya, mango… not your usual toast and jam!

Morning lessons

8:30am Morning lessons


Teach your students the English language through fun activities, games and tasks.

Break time

10am Break time


Why not join in a game of skipping rope or hopscotch in the warm sun? We won’t tell!

Lunch time

11:30am Lunch time


Tasty local delicacies, fresh fruit and veg and a cheeky bit of lesson planning for the afternoon.

Games time!

1pm Games time!


Get some rejuvenating fresh air with your students – letting off steam is a great idea!

So long!

3pm So long!


Wave your students off after a great day’s learning, and look forward to the weekend ahead.

Bargain hunting

4:30pm Bargain hunting


Head out to the local market to pick up some bargains, or hit a temple for your daily culture shot.


6pm Socialising


Meet up with your fellow interns for an iced coffee and to finalise your exciting plans.

Evening meal

7:30pm Evening meal


Why not meet with the teachers at your school for an authentic, affordable local meal tonight?

Travel in style

9pm Travel in style


Hop in a party tuk-tuk or club together for a taxi to the nearby town for the weekend.

Out on the town

11pm Out on the town


Time to hit the town for some lively drinks and dancing the night away – this is the life!

Better head to bed!

12:30am Better head to bed!


You don’t want to be too tired to explore the local sights tomorrow – time for a kip.

TEFL life: what you’ll be up to

Our intrepid English teaching interns have a blast overseas. When they’re not working the classroom and planning amazing lessons, they’re scoping out the world’s most popular travel locations. Have a look where you could end up.

Lucy Makepeach in Cambodia

Lucy Makepeace

Lucy taught in Cambodia for two months before being offered a permanent role in Phnom Penh.

Knowing that I am helping these children and adults to build their confidence and improve their English is so rewarding, and I find their determination and humility inspiring. They are not only learning from me, but I have learnt so much from them too.

Jasmine-Leann Gaterell in Thailand

Jasmine-Leann Gaterell

Jasmine-Leann taught in Thailand for two months on the Thailand TEFL Internship

I wish everyone could spend a period of their lives in a school such as this to truly put what it is important into perspective. The world would definitely be a better place.

Charlia Adams in Cambodia

Charlie Adams

Charlie taught in Cambodia for two months on the Cambodia TEFL Internship

I really enjoyed immersing myself in the culture and I’ve learnt such a lot. The kids are incredible, and their attitude towards learning is inspiring. It was definitely the children that made my teaching experience so enjoyable.

Rachel Melton in South Africa

Rachel Melton

Rachel taught in South Africa for two months before securing a permanent teaching role in China

I was already planning on going travelling and this meant I could travel and do something meaningful too! Teaching the children was incredible and made me realise what I want to do as a career later on in life: teach! I also made some pretty close friendships as well as getting to live in an amazing city.

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