Save up to 50% on TEFL Travel. Offer ends Friday 29th September.

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Get a TEFL qualification, unique teaching experience & the chance to explore, all in one package

Save up to 50% on TEFL Travel

Offers end Friday 29th September

"My experience has been one in a million. I met the most amazing people, learnt so much about myself, taught in a fantastic school and made some golden memories"

Heidi - Thailand 2016



Paid Vietnam TEFL Internship

  • US$700 (£550) per month
  • 120 hours online TEFL training
  • Group Size: 100+



Paid Thailand TEFL Internship

  • From 22,000THB (£500/US$620) per month
  • 120 hours online TEFL training
  • Group size: 20+



Paid China TEFL Internship

  • 2000RMB (£200 / US$260) per month
  • 120 hours online TEFL training
  • Group Size: 100+



Thailand TEFL Experience

  • 120 hours online TEFL training
  • Optional beach stay on Koh Samet
  • Group Size: 20+



Paid Spain TEFL Internship



Paid China TEFL Homestay



Thailand: Surin Experience



Cambodia TEFL Experience



South Africa TEFL Experience




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What is life like as a TEFL teacher?

Charlie, Cambodia intern 2016

"I really enjoyed immersing myself in the culture and I’ve learnt a lot. The kids are incredible and their attitude towards learning is inspiring. It was definitely the children that made my teaching experience so enjoyable."

Danni, China intern 2016

“I am no longer living for the weekend. If I am at school or at home I feel the same level of contentment and joy. If it’s Monday or Saturday my feelings towards the day are mirrored. I love my work life and my personal life!”

Emma, Thailand intern, 2016

“ In the past six months I have learnt, seen and done so many new things, and been to so many new places. Teaching and living in Thailand has been such a life-changing experience.”