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What is a TEFL teacher?

To start with, TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Essentially, this is when a native or fluent English-speaker teaches English to non-native English speakers – usually in a non-native English speaking country.

To be a TEFL teacher, you would need to be a native or fluent English speaker and you’ll also need a TEFL qualification to prove that you’ve had the relevant training. Anyone can be a TEFL teacher and it’s a great way to live abroad and travel to exotic destinations without dipping into your savings.

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TEFL Teacher FAQs

  • Q: What qualifications do you need to be a TEFL teacher?

    The only qualification you’ll need to be a TEFL teacher is a TEFL certification. You don’t need GCSEs, A levels, or a university degree in order to get qualified – as long as you can speak English fluently.

    However, there are some countries where you may need a Bachelor’s Degree in order to get a working visa so you’ll need to take this into account when you’re searching for your TEFL destination.

  • Q: Where can I train to be a TEFL teacher?

    To train to become a TEFL teacher, there are many TEFL course providers and the majority of them can be found online. The main factor that should be taken into account is to make sure that the course you choose is accredited or regulated by an official and recognised body. This information would normally be displayed clearly on the TEFL course provider’s website.

    Types of TEFL teacher training:

    • Online TEFL Courses – These take place solely online with no classroom training involved. Your qualification will still be valid and recognised. These courses are best for those who can’t attend classroom courses, for whatever reason.
    • Combined TEFL Courses – These are a combination of online and classroom training (usually, the majority is online) and this is preferable to just online training due to the practical aspect. These courses are best for those who can attend classroom courses and want to get as much training as possible.
    • Classroom TEFL Courses – These are normally combined with online courses, however, it is possible to complete a classroom course on its own. These are best for students to get the most out of having face-to-face training with a qualified tutor and put their knowledge into practice.
    • Specialist TEFL Courses – These are normally combined with online / combined courses in course bundles to help students focus on certain aspects of TEFL such as Teaching Young Learners. They can also help boost TEFL teachers earning potential as they will increase the number of hours completed.
    • CELTA Courses – These are best for those who want a long career in TEFL. A CELTA courses is a bigger commitment as they are intensive classroom courses, normally lasting 6 weeks with full time classroom hours. They are also much more costly then TEFL courses at around £1200-£1500.

  • Q: Where can I go to be a TEFL teacher?

    The world is your oyster when it comes to being a TEFL teacher! There a too many countries to list but it’s best to focus your search on non-native English-speaking countries. If you don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree, some of the most popular destinations are:


    All the benefits of Thailand and Vietnam but you don’t need a degree! Cambodia is a very popular TEFL teacher destination and you can easily travel around the rest of Southeast Asia with your earnings.


    Amazing food, scenery and history – Mexico has it all for TEFLers. Spend your spare time lounging on an idyllic beach, wandering around ancient Aztec ruins or chowing down on deliciously fresh tacos.


    One of the very few places left in Europe that doesn’t require a Bachelor’s Degree to be a TEFL teacher. Spain has a lot to offer TEFLers and there’s plenty of demand – not to mention the relaxed Mediterranean way of life!


    Perhaps a lesser-known TEFL teacher destination but a popular one nevertheless. Argentina boasts some incredible landscapes and plenty of sites to see!
    If you do hold a Bachelor’s Degree, some of he most popular destinations are:


    Always a good option for TEFL teachers, China has consistently the highest demand for TEFL teachers in the world. There’s plenty there for TEFL teachers to experience on their travels, too! Like The Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the ancient Terracotta Army.


    Ideal for TEFL teachers looking for a tropical paradise to set up shop in. Thailand’s popularity amongst TEFLers is always on the rise and it’s easy to see why with it’s jaw-dropping scenery, white sandy beaches and mouth-watering cuisine!


    Also growing in popularity, Vietnam is an ideal destination for any TEFL teacher. It’s got the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh city, the majestic islands of Halong Bay and local dishes to die for!


    Popular due to its unique culture and relatively high TEFL salaries, Japan is a great option for TEFLers and you can use your extra earnings to travel around Southeast Asia when your contract is up!

    The UAE

    Undoubtedly popular due to it’s record high TEFL salaries and contract benefits (accommodation, visa reimbursement, etc), the UAE is a great place for TEFL teachers who are looking to earn the big bucks!

  • Q: Can I be an online TEFL teacher?

    Yes, being a TEFL teacher online is a fast-growing industry due to its flexibility in that you can work from anywhere in the world with a strong internet connection. For many, this essentially means that it’s possible to fund your travels around the world by teaching English online.

    If you choose to be an online TEFL teacher, you can choose from working freelance where you’ll need to advertise your services online and find your own clients, or working for an online language school who will find clients for you.
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  • Q: Where can I find TEFL teacher jobs?

    There are numerous online TEFL teacher jobs boards where you can go to find work. Sites such as:


    You will need to register as a job seeker and then you can browse by location and apply online.

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