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How to get a TEFL job in the UK

Although travelling to far-off shores sounds like you’re living the dream, teaching English as a foreign language in the UK is often a good option for many wanting to get a TEFL job.

Once you’re TEFL certified, there are loads of ways to get a TEFL job in the UK – whether you want to work in a summer camp, offer private tuition or even teach English online. It may be a less popular route to take with a TEFL qualification as most teachers tend to travel to far-off destinations let’s not forget that there are plenty of students in the UK looking to learn English as a foreign language.

Plus, getting a TEFL job in the UK – if you’re from the UK – means that you can work alongside studying, working part-time or even working full-time if you’re willing to teach in the evening or at the weekend. This way, you’ll gain invaluable teaching experience, earn extra cash and learn about other cultures while not having to fork out for flights, be away from family and friends or rearrange your commitments – it’s a win-win!

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How much money could you earn?

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TEFL Jobs UK: Teaching English Online

Teaching English online is a brilliant way to get a TEFL job in the UK. Luckily for those wanting to teach English as a foreign language, there’s a huge amount of students wanting to learn the language that people use worldwide: English!

Whether you’re wanting to discover the world and teach as you travel, want to work in an evening around another job, or just want a more flexible way of life, we think one of the best ways to get a TEFL job in the UK is through online teaching.

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How much can I earn teaching English online in the UK?

So how much can you really earn being an online English teacher? Well, it’s probably more than you think. Obviously it all depends on which company you’re teaching through, how many students are in the sessions and how many times a week you’re teaching.
On average, we would advise that you can earn around the below:

General or conversational English – £8+ per lesson
Business English – From £20+ per lesson
Examination preparation – Around £20 per lesson
Job interview coaching – Around £15 per lesson
English lessons for specific nationalities – £10+ per lesson

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