How much does a TEFL Course cost?

  • An online TEFL Course normally costs between £100-£400
  • A combined TEFL Course normally costs between £200-£500
  • A TEFL Taster Course costs around £150-£250

The cost of a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course depends on four main factors:

  • The type of TEFL qualification you will get at the end of the course
  • The length of the TEFL course
  • Whether the course is classroom based, online or a blend of both
  • The course provider.

The figures below give an indication of how much the main types of TEFL course cost in the UK today. However, prices of TEFL courses can vary widely so these should only be used as a rough guide. Always confirm the cost of the specific course you are interested in before working out your budget.

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How much does a TEFL taster course cost?

A TEFL taster course (also known as an introduction or foundation course) delivered in a classroom environment will normally last between 1-2 days, and cost around £150-£250. An online TEFL taster course can last anything from 10-60 hours and usually costs between £100-£300.

A TEFL taster course will give you a basic introduction to TEFL, and is suitable for short-term volunteer work or general interest.

How much will an online 120 TEFL certificate course cost?

An online 120 hour TEFL certificate course will normally cost between £100-£400.

The 120 hour TEFL course is generally considered to the entry-level qualification for paid work in TEFL. As the name suggests, the course will take you 120 hours and is run online.

How much will a combined or blended TEFL course cost?

A combined or blended TEFL course, which incorporates the 120 hour certificate course plus add-on modules, will normally cost between £200-£500.

A blended TEFL course offers a mixture of online and classroom teaching. A combined course normally offers additional specialist units, such as advanced grammar or teaching young learners, which can be delivered either online or in a classroom environment.

How much does CELTA or CertTESOL cost?

CELTA or CertTESOL will generally cost between £1,000-£2,000.

CELTA / CertTESOL are internationally recognised “brands” of the 120 hour TEFL certificate courses. They are delivered either fully in a classroom environment, or as a blend of online and classroom teaching. CELTA / CertTESOL courses take around 4-5 weeks to complete full-time, or can be taken less intensively over a longer period.

How much does Delta cost?

A Delta course will usually cost between £1,500-£3,000.

Delta is an advanced TEFL diploma. Students are generally required to have a minimum of two years’ relevant teaching experience before starting the course. The course lasts between 7-12 weeks full-time or can be taken less intensively over a longer period.

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Top Tips for Choosing a TEFL Course

  • Do not confuse price with quality. Some of the longest standing, internationally respected TEFL companies are very competitively priced. On the other hand organisations with low numbers of students (often for a reason) can jack up their prices to ensure they cover their costs.
  • Look at reviews on a site such as before deciding on your course. Whilst you can expect the odd not-fully-satisfied customer on any course (indeed you might want to question the reviews of any product that always reports 100% satisfaction), take a rain check if the majority of feedback is negative.
  • Consider where you want to teach English abroad, and what type of course is most likely to get you paid work there. A taster course can be great for a few days of volunteer work but is unlikely to get you a reasonable paid job in China. On the other hand, if your heart is set on travelling across Thailand, there is probably no need to shell out on a CELTA or CertTESOL course. A 120 hour course from an accredited, internationally recognised provider should be enough to get you your first job.
  • Think about what you will need to feel confident in front of a class on day 1. If you would feel happier with (and can afford) a more in-depth course with additional practical teaching experience included then ignore those who say you can get a job without this – and yes, we do know that includes us in the above point.
  • Check if your chosen provider is running any price offers. Many do so at different times of the year. If there is nothing advertised, it is always worth asking.
  • If you are considering a classroom-based course, remember to add in costs for travel to the venue and accommodation, if required.
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