How much does a TEFL course cost?

  • An online TEFL Course normally costs between £100-£400
  • A combined TEFL Course normally costs between £200-£500
  • A TEFL Taster Course costs around £150-£250

How much you can expect to pay for your TEFL course depends very much on how qualified you want to be.

There are plenty of online courses out there, which are great if you want to get qualified and go. Most online courses tend to be reasonably priced, and can be flexible enough to fit around your lifestyle as you can log in and out whenever suits you. It’s really important to make sure your online course is from a reputable company, and that it is accredited. This means that it’s been approved by an independent body, and will be recognised worldwide. Those incredibly cheap courses you may spot on discount sites like Groupon may look too good to be true – and beware, because that’s often what they are.

Here are what TEFL courses at i-to-i cost:

First, ask yourself what your goals are. Why are you getting TEFL qualified? This will help you to work out how much you are willing to spend on such an amazing, potentially life-changing qualification.

Learn the art of teaching English abroad with a classroom TEFL course

I'm an absolute beginner: Online TEFL Course

If you’re looking to teach English as part of a travel adventure, or if you want to improve your CV with some hands-on teaching experience, then an online course could be perfect for you. These range from as little as 60 hours to 300 hours and upwards, but the minimum industry requirement is 120 hours – so really, this is all you need.

This reasonable option is a great way to get a TEFL certificate that’ll be with you forever, and the chance to experience the world of TEFL without breaking the bank.

View our 120 Hour Online TEFL Course here.

I want to get some classroom teaching practice in: Combined TEFL Course

If TEFL is a career path that you’re keen to explore, then it’s a good idea to equip yourself with some practical skills before you head out to your new home – and this is where classroom courses come in.

If you’re already TEFL qualified, or even if you’re just curious, a 20 hour intensive classroom course is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded TEFL teachers and practice your classroom skills. You’ll get 20 solid hours of instruction (usually over a weekend) from an experienced TEFL teacher, and these courses can cost anywhere from £90 to £300.

Another popular option is to combine a classroom course with an online course, to really make the most of your learning.

Check out our Combined TEFL Course here.

I want to make teaching abroad a lifelong career:

You may have heard of CELTA courses. CELTA stands for Cambridge English Language Teaching Association, and this well-known professional teaching body provides intensive full-time training courses to teachers who want to make a career out of teaching English as a foreign language, either abroad or at home.

A CELTA course can be full-time or part time, over four weeks or more, so those already in full time employment may struggle to make the time for CELTA studies. The syllabus is standardised and will require lots of additional work in students’ free time, and can cost upwards of £1000. This is a great option if you’re really serious about making a lifelong career of TEFL, but is also quite expensive and a big commitment time-wise, so do think carefully about if a CELTA course is the right choice for you; most employers overseas will happily accept a TEFL certificate from an accredited provider.

Discover our full range of online and classroom TEFL courses here.

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