How do I apply for TEFL?

With i-to-i you have two options to get into TEFL: through our courses or through TEFL Travel.

Anyone can take a TEFL course, so the term “apply” can be confusing. Do note we’re a TEFL course provider, not a school. Even though you do finish the course with a qualification just like a school does.

To “apply” for a course, you simply add the course or travel product you want into the online shopping cart.

Or call our team, who can process your order for you.

There are two ways to get into TEFL with i-to-i:

TEFL Courses

Choose between our range of classroom and online courses

The minimum you need to find work overseas is the 120 Hour Online TEFL Course.

We also have a variety of specialist courses, which not only help with confidence, but boost your earning potential.

Upon successful completion of the course modules you’ll be fully TEFL qualified and can start applying for teaching jobs.

To be more competitive in the TEFL job market, you can add specialist TEFL certificate courses to your skill-set.

Take a look at our courses page to see the differences between our online and classroom courses side by side. Take a look at all our TEFL courses here.

If you’re already TEFL qualified and are interested in the specialist certificate courses, you can find these here.

TEFL Travel 

Paid TEFL Internship

We offer several paid TEFL internships abroad and you can find the full list on this page. The TEFL course to get you fully qualified is included in the internship path.

Our most popular trips are: China, Vietnam and Thailand.

All three have set trip details and teaching jobs waiting for you, but there’s plenty of time for you to explore these fascinating countries on your own or with fellow interns.

However, the visa conditions (specifically where your passport is from) and whether you need a degree or not differ between countries. It’s important to have a full read through the overview of each individual one and contact us if you have any questions.

TEFL Experiences 

i-to-i TEFL Experiences do not require a degree and don’t have visa restrictions.

You’ll get several weeks of teaching experience (this varies across all our trips), the chance to explore with the group and accommodation, meals and the TEFL course to get you qualified to teach all included. There’s plenty of time to explore the country and with some of our Experiences, you have the option to add day trips to your time abroad. It’s a trip of a lifetime and gives you a great taster of what teaching is like.

You can find all Experience products here.

No matter, which route you choose, you’ll be fully TEFL certified on completion of the course and can begin to apply for TEFL teaching jobs around the world. 

Wondering what a TEFL teacher role is like? Take a look at our TEFL jobs board and explore current job descriptions. 

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