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180 Hour Online TEFL Course

Online TEFL Course
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  • Essential: 120 hour online TEFL course
  • 30 hour Awareness of Grammar Course
  • 30 hour Teaching Young Learners Specialist Course
  • English government regulated qualification ?
  • Detailed tutor feedback
  • Study online on your computer, tablet or phone
  • Highly respected by employers around the world

Saveup to 70% on TEFL courses

Offers end Sunday 16th June

Course Summary

Did you know? You don’t need any previous teaching experience to sign up to a TEFL course, we’ll give you all the tools you’ll need to take into the classroom.

Your 180 Hour TEFL Course Guide

TEFL 180: Become a Pro

Get a TEFL qualification that makes you stand out from the crowd and gives you the skills to teach fun and effective lessons from day 1. With our 180 Hour Online TEFL Course you’ll not only get our top 120 Hour Online TEFL Course but also two of our best-selling 30 hour specialist courses; Awareness of Grammar and Teaching Young Learners.

We know the word ‘grammar’ can strike fear into even the biggest fans of English which is why we’ve included the online course, transforming you from novice to pro in 30 hours! While we can’t guarantee how old your students will be, we can give you some helpful tips and tricks for dealing with younger learners, helping you widen your appeal to prospective employers.

You’ll have 16 weeks to complete the course and because it’s all hosted online you can go at your own pace and learn in a way that suits you best. The whole course can be accessed online and as soon as you receive confirmation that you’ve passed you can add it straight to your CV! With the extra knowledge you’ve got on grammar and young learners you’ll be aiming for the top jobs and more money.

Only UK Regulated TEFL Qualification

Quality training means top jobs

Ofqual-regulated TEFL training. A mark of quality employers will recognise – making you super employable. Check out your shiny certificate here.

Course breakdown

How it works

The 180 Hour TEFL Course might sound like you’d need to change your life to fit it in but this just isn’t the case. All the modules across this course are online so you can pick up your studies whenever you get some free time. And because you just need an internet connection to access the course you could be getting TEFL qualified on the move, on the sofa or on your lunch break.

With plenty of new topics covered across the course we’re sure you’ll have questions along the way which is why you’ll get constructive and helpful feedback from one of our expert tutors.

We want you to enjoy becoming a TEFL teacher as much as possible so you won’t find any boring lengthy essays or lectures. Instead you’ll be completing quizzes, watching videos with real-life classroom scenarios before rounding off your learning with an assessment.

TEFL school children

What will I learn?

No teaching experience? That’s fine by us! You’ll learn everything you need to know to teach English abroad and then some. Our 180 Hour course covers the key modules in our classic 120 Hour course plus you’ll get two of our top-selling specialist courses: Awareness of Grammar and Teaching Young Learners. Here’s just a few of the things you’ll cover:

  • Learn how to develop engaging and effective lesson content
  • How to plan your lessons and get the most from your students
  • Bring grammar to life and make it fun
  • Adapt your lessons to work for younger learners and understanding their behaviour
  • Practical teaching tips and classroom management

Module breakdown

Want to know what you’ll be doing? Here’s a brief overview of the online modules:

1. Lesson planning and content

Find out what makes a great lesson and how to create a winning lesson plan.

2. Take your ideas from the screen to the classroom

Practical classroom management skills which will help you make an enjoyable learning environment.

Advanced Grammar Checklist Graphic

3. Awareness of grammar

Give this traditionally ‘boring’ subject a makeover and get your students loving language.

4. Teaching young learners

Learn how to handle and teach younger (and more lively!) students from the first lesson to dealing with different abilities.

5. Check your knowledge

Complete quizzes along the way to see what you’ve learnt and get you ready for the final assessments.

6. Course assessment

A final assessment for your 120 Hour TEFL training and two shorter tests for the Awareness of Grammar and Teaching Young Learners modules. Once you’ve passed them all you’re ready to start job hunting!

Here for you

The 180 Hour TEFL course has been built to give you a solid understanding before you start your career teaching English abroad but we know you’ll have questions along the way.

Whether you’ve got some experience teaching or you’re a complete novice our tutors are here to help you and give you constructive feedback.

Director of Studies, Alexa Randell

Academic Assistant , Jenni Fogg

Gayle Norman TEFL tutor

TEFL Tutor, Gayle Norman

TEFL Tutor, Lindsey Cottle

TEFL Tutor, Stuart Fassam

TEFL Tutor, Penny Campbell

TEFL Tutor, Meryl Burgess

TEFL Tutor, Wendy Rogers

TEFL Tutor, Teresa Jacobs

TEFL Tutor, Annie da Silva

TEFL Tutor, Peter Bowdery

TEFL Tutor, Debbie Hooper

TEFL Tutor, Paul Myers

24/7 access

The entire course is online so it’s up to you when or where you study and complete the course. Make yourself comfortable at the weekend or use the journey to work or uni as your own portable classroom. We’ve made the course flexible so it fits neatly around your life.

An excellent course with abundance of learning information for teaching. Consultants are eager and always willing to assist in anyway they can and for that I thank you humbly.

9th June 2019

loved this course it was a lot of reading, would like more vidios

9th June 2019

The course is wonderfully set out. Everything was done in excellence. Great service whenever I needed help and very clearly set out. Absolutely user-friendly. It was a great experience studying the 30... More

7th June 2019

I just made the payment today,though I 've not gotten the login details. I must say that I am lucky to have Michael Wolfe as my advisor. He has been an exceptional and outstanding person.His customer ... More

7th June 2019

they have exceptional guidance throughout the course.

6th June 2019

I purchased the level 5 200 hour course. I was very impressed with the lessons in the units as well as the material and sources given. The tutors were extremely helpful and swift in their replies and ... More

4th June 2019

I can strongly recommend this course to anyone!

4th June 2019

The course was very well laid out and made studying after work very manageable. I enjoyed the assignments and constructive feedback and really felt the practical teaching weekend brought to life every... More

4th June 2019

Great course !

3rd June 2019

Effective student centred approach, very useful tips/ideas/material are provided, maintaining a strong focus throughout the course on how to putting the acquired methods/techniques/theories into pract... More

2nd June 2019

FAQs - your questions answered

"How long do I get to complete the course?"

To complete the 120 hour element of your course, you'll get 70 days.

For the 30 hour specialist modules, you'll have 21 days to complete each one.

"I like to learn in a classroom, is there an option to add this onto the course?"

Yes! Simply add one of our 20 Hour weekend courses to your basket. Don’t worry if you don’t know which location to go for we’ve got a flexi-course option which lets you decide the place and date at a later date.

"Do I need the specialist courses to get my TEFL certificate?"

You can become TEFL qualified without the specialist courses, but by combining these with your standard TEFL course you're making yourself more appealing to future employers. The specialist courses of Awareness of Grammar and Teaching Young Learners not only add to your skill set, but are also great additions to your CV. Get ahead of the job hunt with the 180 TEFL course.

The UK’s trusted TEFL provider

Our qualifications have been approved by Gatehouse Awards, the awarding organisation recognised by Ofqual . Make your CV stand out from the crowd with a TEFL qualification from i-to-i.

ofqual-iconWho are Ofqual?

Ofqual is the British exam watchdog and their job is to ensure qualifications awarded are of the highest standard. An Ofqual stamp of approval on your qualification will be recognised worldwide and is highly respected by employers, pushing your resume to the top of the pile and getting you your dream TEFL job!

Why is it important to me?

There’s plenty of TEFL jobs out there but competition is tough, which is why you need to stand out from your peers. With a qualification from i-to-i you’ll have a qualification which has been independently checked to the highest standards, providing you with the best, so you can be the best.

odlqcDid you know?

We’ve also received independent accreditation from the ODLQC (Open & Distance Learning Quality Council) which is recognised by employers across the globe giving you a qualification which will give you the best start on your TEFL journey.

Regulated, accredited and trusted.

Take a look at what your i-to-i qualification could look like

With so many TEFL courses out there it’s hard to know what to look for so here’s our top tips:

  • English Government Regulated - Make sure that the course you’re about to start has been independently checked and leads to a regulated qualification. The Ofqual seal of approval gives employers the confidence that you’ve got the best qualification, practically guaranteeing you a job.
  • Experience - With over 24 years’ experience in TEFL we’ve carved the path for TEFL courses. Since the world’s first weekend TEFL course in 1994 leading to the world’s first online TEFL course in 2001 we know our way around a TEFL course!
  • Help & Support - You’re bound to have questions during your course so make sure you’ll get the support you need. Our TEFL courses come with a personal tutor so you can tap into their TEFL wisdom along the way.

Why i-to-i?


Quality & value

Our qualifications open doors all over the world, we’re accredited & regulated by all the right people and innovation is kind of our thing.


Support & advice

We know this is all new to you – but we make it new ‘exciting’ not new ‘scary’. And we’ll hold your hand as tight, and for as long, as you need.


Experience & knowledge

We wrote the book on this stuff,we’ve been around the longest and have handed out more TEFL courses than anyone – about 182,000 and counting.