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If you’re looking to get paid whilst seeing the world, we have the perfect travel option for you: TEFL!

By completing a TEFL Course in Australia, you’ll be trained to confidently lead an English class wherever you go! TEFL is great for getting off the beaten track, getting some unique experiences and topping up your travel funds as you go.

Even if you’re in a hurry to get packing and travelling, our Combined TEFL Courses with classroom courses in Australia can get you qualified in as little as 140 hours and you can do them all around the country! Our courses run from Perth to Sydney, so no matter where you are you’ll be able to get some classroom TEFL training! The classroom course covers all the necessary elements of TEFL teaching, and as well as covering some essential TEFL theory, you’ll get the chance to do some real-life practice. Having time in a classroom before you’re in front of a real class has been really helpful for lots of our graduates. So whether you’re heading off for a breather from study, a truly different travel experience or you want to start a new life overseas as a TEFL teacher, completing a TEFL Course Australia will be a life changing experience!

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We’ve been training TEFL teachers for almost a quarter of a century, and our TEFL experts know what you need to become a confident and successful TEFL teacher. Our Australian classroom courses are internationally recognised by the ODLQC and are taught by a Level 7 qualified TEFL tutor or above. They classroom courses are a great way of boosting your online TEFL training, preparing you for your first TEFL teaching job.

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With 24 years’ experience in the TEFL industry, we know that everyone’s different when it comes to what you need from your TEFL Course. That’s why we’ve developed a range of courses that are varying lengths and types (online or combined). So whether you’ve got a full-time job and want to train in the evenings, or have a busy study schedule and are only free at the weekends, we’ve got a course that’ll fit around your busy lifestyle.

Our Combined TEFL Courses are the perfect solution if you’re looking to learn online for the majority of your course, but feel you’d benefit from some practical learning in a simulated classroom. They’re ideal for people who want to train whenever and wherever suits you, whilst getting face-to-face time with one of our experienced tutors.

If you don’t want a classroom TEFL Course in Australia, we’ve got weekend courses that take place around the world, from the UK to the US, China to New Zealand. If you’re totally unsure of where you’d like to take your classroom course, we offer a “flexi” option, where you can book a location and weekend at a later date. Perfect for if you’re travelling around!

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