Top 5 Post-TEFL Careers

There are multiple reasons why people choose to teach English as a foreign language, with one of the main appealing factors being the ability to independently earn money to contribute towards travelling the world.  Most of us, however, are looking for a change of career through TEFL, with the promise of fulfilling job opportunities available to us whenever we choose to return home and embark on a journey on that infamous job ladder.

Here at i-to-i , we talk about how a TEFL course can help to enhance your CV and improve your chances of post TEFL careers, but what are these jobs and what’s open to you? Whether you’re currently teaching English as a foreign language (and don’t forget about our six tips on finding TEFL work abroad), or are doing more research before embarking on the course, here are some of the job opportunities you can embark upon post-TEFL.

Teaching English as a second language

If TEFL has ignited a passion for you to teach English to those who otherwise may not get the chance, teaching English as a second language can be a fulfilling and challenging career at home.  Drawing from experience,  teaching English as a second language provides its own challenges as you are often helping new students not only learn the language, but about English culture as a whole in order to integrate them into society.

Teach in an English school

Perhaps one of the best-worn routes into a career, many TEFLers use the experience to travel and discover the world whilst gaining experience to become full-time teachers in English schools back at home.  Whether you’re looking to continue teaching English or any other subject, having a TEFL qualification along with experience is likely to go a long way towards securing that coveted and highly competitive spot for your training.

Become a professional translator

We might be teaching English whilst working abroad, but unless you solely mingle with other English-speakers, chances are your foreign language skills will have become pretty awesome during your time abroad!  Fluent translators are highly sought after by a whole range of people, with many having the option to work on a freelance basis, allowing you to stay away from the shackles of a set daily routine!

Festival worker

Usually supplemented with other work, part-time festival work is particularly appealing to TEFLers as it allows you to experience the joy of travel without spending huge amounts of time away from home.  The role will allow you to meet new people, often see amazing performers for free, and you’ll also get a chance to work festivals based abroad thanks to the language skills you’ve acquired  when teaching!

Marketing and sales

International business is a competitive environment and many employers are now looking for people with multiple language skills to communicate across the world. If you take on work alongside your teaching role whilst abroad, not only will you have developed language skills, but you’ll also understand how business works in your chosen country, such as how they trade and the issues they face.

Whilst we have outlined five of the most popular career paths our i-to-i TEFLers have walked down after teaching English abroad, the possibilities are literally endless, and you could go into almost anything!  The great thing about teaching abroad is it shows you’re independent and like a challenge, which is something that employers really appreciate.


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