The i-to-i Guide to Securing a TEFL Job

Do you find yourself clock-watching at your boring 9-5 office job?  Want to see the world and want to do it now?  If you feel this way, you can make a change: by getting TEFL qualified you can travel AND be paid at the same time, by teaching English to students all over the world!  Want to know how?  Check out the i-to-i guide to securing a TEFL job – getting qualified and teaching overseas can really be quicker than you thought possible.

First of all, you need to consider when you want to be living abroad

ASAP – If you just need to get out at the earliest opportunity, the best plan would be to sign up for a short course like our Weekend TEFL Course and then head overseas to do some volunteer teaching. This 20 hour course will give you the basic skills you’ll need to get started and the volunteer teaching will give you loads of teaching experience (many volunteer teachers find that they land a paid job in country shortly afterwards).  Plus, if you’re not too far off the beaten track you’ll be able to top up your weekend course with some extra hours of study online.  This can however be risky, and you’ll need to realise that by doing this, you WILL need to volunteer which means you won’t be getting paid.  Saying that, our quickest TEFLer completed the 120 hour course in just 10 days before heading out to start his dream job, but we don’t all have that amount of time on our hands…

1-2 months – If you can hold out a month or two, then you should sign up for at least 120 hours of TEFL training and get stuck in.  Many people manage to complete the course in around four weeks, and you’ll also have plenty of time to do some research into where you want to go and what you can expect in terms of salaries and benefits while you’re over there.

6 months – Six months should give you plenty of time to get everything in place.  You’ll be able to complete any of our courses in six months, so consider signing up for our top-end EDI CertTEFL or the 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course. They’ll give you all the training you’ll need, and give you a pretty decent chance of landing one of many TEFL jobs worldwide.  You’ll also get time to do lots of research about your preferred destination. You could also look into an internship in either China, Thailand or Vietnam if you’re at all nervous, as you’ll receive full TEFL training, support overseas, free accommodation, a monthly living allowance and the company of other interns from around the world.

The important thing to remember is whatever your time-frame, we can help.  Our experts are on-hand to guide you through our courses, and discuss your options about teaching English abroad.  Many of them have taught abroad themselves too, so can provide insider information – not something other TEFL providers can clain!

So what are you waiting for?  Get ready for your new TEFL adventure ahead!


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