Finding Your First TEFL Job – 3 Great Destinations!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start a TEFL adventure this time next month, or even next week?!   Well it can be done!  There are loads of countries where demand for English teachers is HUGE, so if you want to make your teaching English abroad dreams a reality as quickly as possible, then you may want to consider these 3 great TEFL destinations, where finding your first TEFL job will be a breeze!


China remains one of the most popular TEFL destinations, and demand for English teachers are high, with numerous vacancies constantly on our jobs board year-round.

So why are English teachers in such high demand here?

Huge population – China has a population of over a billion, and an estimated 300 million of these are learning English!  So if we do the maths… that’s umm, A LOT of English teachers.  Hence, schools out there want teachers like YOU!

Increased English popularity – There’s been a recent push on children as young as 2 learning English, so the amount of kindergarten positions being advertised has increased dramatically in recent years.  This is because we all know it’s much easier to pick up a language as a child, compared to when you’re an adult – so there really is no better time to start learning the language of business!

“I’ve heard you need a degree – does that means I can’t get a job in China?”

Simply put, no!  Whilst there are many countries that require teachers to have a degree (they don’t have to be teaching or English-related), as demand is so high in China, this isn’t needed.  All you need to do is take the i-to-i Professional TEFL Certificate (140 hours), and you’re ready to start applying for jobs!

South Korea

Who DOESN’T want to teach English in South Korea?  Salaries are high and the cost of living is low: and with 11.1 million tourists visiting in South Korea in 2013 (possibly partly due to Gangnam Style), the demand for English teachers is growing to further educate the population!

In addition to the high salaries, a lot of employers will also offer free accommodation and flight reimbursement, which will be paid at the end of your teaching contract.  These high salaries aren’t just given away though – you’ll need a degree to teach here, and it’s always good to have some solid teaching experience.

Real-life TEFL teachers!

When we say you can find your first TEFL job quickly , we really do mean it, with many of our TEFL graduates achieving just this!

Cassandra in Ecuador

Well, a week after finishing up my i-to-i course and I’ve accepted a job offer.  Wow!  I didn’t expect trying to navigate the job search seriously ’til my spring vacation, but things sure have fallen into place quickly!  My offer has been toasted and expected – it’s a great feeling knowing I have a job waiting after graduation!

Vicki in Thailand

Since I last posted a comment so much has happened: I completed my 140 hour TEFL course and pretty much as soon as I did, I got a job… in Bangkok!  It all happened very quickly and I had to start my training and be in Bangkok just 9 days after receiving the acceptance for the job.

Ready for your TEFL adventure to begin… RIGHT NOW? Get TEFL qualified and land your dream job!

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  1. Dazar Manjoo

    Hi to all, I recently just finished my Tefl course, I did the 150hour master course whereby i achieved a grade A pass, I am having trouble applying aswell as getting things up and running is there anyone who can help me kick off my teaching career ??

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi Dazar, who did you complete your course with? They should be able to point you in the right direction of finding jobs. I’d also suggest having a Google of some of the bigger English schools in the country that you want to teach in as they may advertise their vacancies online. Good luck with your job search! Elle

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