Does TEFL Make You More Employable?

So you’re thinking of making a huge move and becoming a TEFL teacher, but is all the hassle really worth it? You don’t really want to be teaching kids for the rest of your life, so how on earth is it going to help my career? It is natural to think this before travelling half way around the world but the truth is (we don’t lie here at i-to-i), after doing a TEFL course you will be irresistible to potential employers.  We do get a lot of people asking the same question: does TEFL make you more employable?  The answer is yes, and you can find out why below…

1) Leadership Skills

A TEFL course gives you the skills to be able to lead the pack, but it’s only when you’re out there that you put into practise everything you have learnt and become a real leader. In your first TEFL lesson it’s important to take control of the class and from then on you are their leader. And once you can keep a classroom full of 40-50 rowdy kids under control, managing employees will be a breeze.

2) Shows You’re Up For a Challenge and Can Adapt to Anything

From the moment you reach your new TEFL destination, until the moment you have to say a tearful farewell to your students, you’ll be challenged in pretty much every part of your experience (it’s all a good challenge though!). You will learn how to live in a different country, a new culture, how to find your way around a brand new city, how to communicate with speakers of a completely different language and most importantly you will learn how to adapt to circumstances that are way out of your comfort zone. Now if that doesn’t impress future employers, what will?

3) Proven Presentation and Communication Skills

Whilst you’re out Teaching English abroad you will be bridging both cultural and language barriers, which will force you into conveying and presenting your ideas as clear as you possibly can. TEFL is one of the best ways you can master your presentation and communication skills, which will come in very helpful in any future job. After a period teaching overseas you will be confident giving those presentations that you once spent sleepless nights worrying about.

4) Develop Your Interpersonal Skills

Having interpersonal skills is essential in any workplace and if you can prove to employers you have them by using examples from you TEFL experience it’s going to really work in your favour. It is often a hard skill to prove you have, but not after teaching abroad. You can show you are patient and approachable, can develop a strong rapport (use the stories of how sad your students were when you left), sensitive to different cultures and needs and that you can bring a positive attitude into the workplace.

5) Boost Your Confidence

You may have great qualifications and loads of work experience, but if you don’t have the confidence to go with it, it doesn’t stand for much. After being a TEFL teacher you will have had a real confidence boost after proving to yourself on your TEFL adventure you can do anything you put your mind to, you’ll certainly have the confidence to stand out from that crowd.

Want to find out how you can make yourself more employable through TEFL? Download your free copy of TEFL Uncovered: How to Teach Your Way Abroad with TEFL to get the lowdown on how to start your TEFL adventure:

What do you think? Has TEFL made you more employable?

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