Where Should I Teach in Thailand?

If you’re planning on teaching in Thailand, you need to consider where to teach! Northern, Central, Southern Thailand – what’s the difference? When you think of Thailand you might think of postcard-perfect beaches and all the noodles you could ever dream of.  Truth is, if you’re going to be teaching English in Thailand either on your own or as part of the Thailand TEFL internship you’re bound to find a few differences as you explore this fantastic country.  From scenery to food we’ll help you decide the answer to that all important question; where should I teach in Thailand!

You should teach in the Jungle North –Towering mountains, lush jungles and river valleys – Northern Thailand is one of the most naturally stunning parts of the country.  Fact.

Chiang Mai

There’s no doubt that Chiang Mai is the biggest TEFL hotspot in the north – it’s a city known for its low cost of living and laid-back vibe and of course, the night bazaar (a shopper’s paradise!).

Akha Hill

If you want to steal yourself some peace and quiet then the Akha Hill village in the Chiang Rai region is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of cities.  Jungle walks and stunning scenery are guaranteed!


If you’re heading to the very northeast of Thailand, bordering Laos, you’ll find the home of one of Thailand’s most popular regional cuisines (so much so, that you’ll find street vendors selling it in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Popular ‘Issan’ dishes include sticky rice, ‘Som Tam’(spicy salad), fried chicken (bit different to KFC!) and Moo Ping (a skewer of meat…

You should teach in Central Thailand – The rice basin of Thailand is home to; you guessed it, the majority of the countries’ rice paddy fields!  Central Thailand doesn’t draw the most tourists (with the exception of Bangkok of course), so head here for peace and beauty.  Being in Central Thailand also means you’re in a great position for travelling around the country.


If your interests are long walks in the countryside, fine-dining and a quiet night in with a book, then Bangkok will probably give you the biggest headache you’ve ever had; BUT, if you’re open to an in-your-face atmosphere, pollution, sweat, spice and LOUD NOISES then you’re going to discover something pretty amazing.  Home to some of the best street food and nightlife it’s no wonder that Bangkok draws thousands of backpackers each year to get lost in the madness.


Bangkok get too much for you?  Kanchanaburi has become increasingly popular for those wanting to escape the craziness of Bangkok and explore the amazing National Parks, spectacular waterfalls and trekking opportunities.


If you’re a culture vulture then Aytthaya is a must.  We’ve also mentioned this in our Top 7 Things to see and do in Thailand.


Everything you can get your hands on. Bangkok will dish up every regional speciality you want but for the rest of the area there are definitely a few local dishes that are worth sampling.  Tom kha kai is a creamy chicken soup or the Tom yam is a famous hot and sour soup which originates from the Central Region.

You should teach in South Thailand – If you’re like me then the temptation of a deserted beach, crystal clear waters and a cocktail in hand are just too much to resist.  Teaching English in Thailand, especially the South can be blissful… swap rice paddy fields for coconut plantations and mountains for beaches – Southern Thailand couldn’t be more different to the North!


Too good to be true?  The problem is everyone thinks it is too.  Tourists take over Thailand’s beaches throughout the high season and prices have risen significantly – so beware.

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