Most Interesting Foods in Cambodia

If you plan on travelling to Cambodia, you may be cringing left and right at the weird foods sold in markets. Although they may be a bit stranger than prawn cocktail crisps, make sure to keep an open mind on your Cambodian adventure. Whether you plan to teach in Cambodia or just to travel the country, these interesting foods will never be too far away.

1. Spiders: And not the small ones either. Most of these black tarantulas sold in Cambodian markets can size to the face of your palm and are eaten as a specialty snack for those feeling peckish during their mid-afternoon stroll. The Cambodian people began eating spiders out of desperation during the Khmer Rouge regime and surprisingly, they liked the taste! Although you may not be able to stomach the idea of trying these hairy critters, you will kick yourself if you leave Cambodia without having one!

2. Frog: This may not sound as strange to you as frogs are eaten in many other Asian countries. However, the frogs sold in Cambodia are skinned alive for freshness (as refrigeration is not as common) and sold in large buckets, just as every other food in the markets is sold. These frogs can be deep fried or grilled and as I remember, they taste quite similar to chicken. But slimier.

3. Monkey Brains: It is disconcerting to see so many meats in Cambodian markets sold out in the open with flies buzzing around, but I must say that it is even more disconcerting to see whole brains displayed on a leaf and sold to locals. To imagine that these brains are headed to someone’s dinner plate—maybe it’s best to look away.

4. Fried rice with Ants: You can usually get it with chicken, pork, or fish. But if you want a crunch to your meal, ask for your fried rice with ants for a great source of protein!

5. Snake Skewers: Sometimes, these snakes even come pregnant with egg sacks. I might be able to try a deep fried spider, but even I don’t think I would be able to eat a mother and her babies on a stick.

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