Free TEFL Accommodation in South Korea

One of the biggest perks of getting a TEFL job in South Korea is the free accommodation provided by almost every employer.   This combined with good salaries (£1500 per month*), ridiculously cheap eating out and a beer in a bar only costing £1.30 means it’s a teaching hotspot for TEFL teachers looking to save cash!  So, you’re sold on South Korea… but before you sign that first job contract – let’s find out what that free accommodation really looks like**.

south korean kitchen

Yep, that’s your kitchen! Tiny though it is, it should have all the essentials that you need (multitasking rice cooker/casserole maker anyone?!)… but if you’d prefer, eating out is also cheap, tasty and easy – with a restaurant on almost every street corner.

south korean bedroom

Even though it’s somewhat traditional for Koreans to sleep on the floor, employers have now wised up to the fact that westerners prefer a bed and most will supply a double!

south korean bathroom

Welcome to your bathroom!  Strange though it may look, an open plan wet room with an unenclosed shower can actually become quite a boon when it comes to cleaning.   Toilets might have heated seats, fake flush noises to ‘protect modesty’, automatic flushes and adjustable water jets!

Free TEFL Korea Accommodation

Most apartments will also have a small living area with a table, chairs a sofa and a TV. Yes… the fridge is in the living room – we didn’t say this guide would make sense!

All ready for your TEFL adventure to South Korea?  If so, then take a look at our free South Korea country guide, to find out about the birthplace of Kimchi and Gangnam Style!

*£1500 per month is equal to about 2.4 million won – see we weren’t lying to you!

**All pictures provided by  teacher Kat from her apartment in Ulsan, South Korea. Your individual experiences may vary (maybe you’ll end up with a penthouse at the Hilton)!

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