Why Doing an Internship in Asia is so much Better than the UK

Infographic: why internships in Asia are better than the UK

There’s plenty of reasons why interning in Asia is better than interning this side of world so we’ve condensed them into nice digestible chunks for you (Hint: food is involved).

The weather

Of course, number 1 on the list is the difference in climate. Asia benefits from year-round sun and that lovely warm rain every once in a blue moon – while we’re here in dreary January sleet and ice-cold winds. No contest. Factor into that the fact that you can practically live in flip-flops and head down to the beach for a swimming/tanning session whenever you feel like it and we’re pretty much booking our plane tickets as we speak.

Food, glorious food

Not that we don’t love a Sunday roast or fish and chips on a rainy Friday but Asian food is just out-of-this-world tasty. Whether you’re a spice-fan, mad for ramen or a soup-slurper, there’s so much to try and it’s so cheap that you can literally fill your boots. Extra bonus: it’s actually healthy, too!

People are nice

Weird, we know, but there’s much more of a communal vibe in Asia. Thailand is nicknamed the land of smiles and the feeling’s mutual in Vietnam, Cambodia, China… the list goes on. It actually does make a refreshing difference from moody commuters and angry shoppers here in the UK.

You’ll be richer

Although internships are generally paid lower than full-time positions, your money will stretch further in Asia due to the lower cost of living. Plus, a lot of the time, you’ll get accommodation, airport transfers and possibly meals and internet included. So in reality, there’s actually not a lot you need to cover yourself – winner!


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