How to Get Around Kanchanaburi

Certain attractions for visitors in Kanchanburi are extremely close. Especially if you are teaching English in a Thai private school having completed a TEFL course. Visitors will find that can reach many areas of Kanchanaburi on foot and this will solve how to get around Kanchanaburi for many travellers.

For instance the bridge over the river Kwai and the river Kwai itself must be seen, so visitors to Kanchanaburi should plan on doing at least some walking in the area. Therefore visitors to Kanchanburi should pack appropriate footwear for doing so, i.e. boots or running shoes, not just flip-flops. However, the city is not tiny so a visitor to Kanchanburi might find that walking alone cannot get you to all the fantastic sights, it is not the only means necessary for getting around Kanchanburi.

Many people have found that a bicycle is the ideal answer for how to get around Kanchanaburi, however the activities and attractions that are a bit further away may not be ideal for everyone due to the physical strain that the distance and heat will put on a body. Bicycles can be rented at many hotels and hostels for people who believe themselves to be in good enough shape with the required fitness to handle the journeys. Just having a bike may limit the radius of your available attractions leaving you to focus on ones closer to Kanchanburi.

Car rental is available and especially recommended if those renting have children accompanying them. For those visitors to Kanchanaburi without children we would recommend renting motorcycles, parking could be hard to find in Kanchanaburi and the streets not necessarily always wide. Motorbikes give you greater freedom to explore the city, whilst a car more suitable to travelling outside of the city. However the bus and the train are easy to navigate and will take you to specific locations.

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Written by Matthew Simpson

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    Very interested in doing a tefl in kanchanaburi. I’m. A 30 year old UK citizen who has a bachelors science degree issued by Nottingham.trent university. Look forward to hearing from you

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