How to Get a Teaching Job in South Korea

South Korea is known for offering high wages along with having a high demand for TEFL teachers, perfect combination.  So, we thought we would make life a little easier for you by giving you a step-by-step guide on the best way to go about getting a TEFL job over there. To help us out we asked top TEFLer Mary-Ann to tell us how she got her job in South Korea – here’s some great advice from Mary-Ann on how to get a TEFL job in South Korea:

1.  Get your documents together – this will speed everything up and keep you organised.  These documents vary according to the country you’re from but they will want something along the lines of:

Criminal Record Check (CRC).
Photocopy of your degree certificate.
Photocopy of the information page of your passport.
4 colour passport size photos.
A signed copy of your resume (your signature).
Complete Health Check form.

2.  Decide where you want to go – EPIK (Public School Jobs in Korea) recruits for February and September while Hagwons (Private institute jobs in Korea) are all year round.  Be prepared for a quick move if you go for a Hagwon as generally you’re in Korea within 12 weeks of application, depending on the season.  So if you’re ready to get up and go now, South Korea may be ideal for you as waiting around is not something they do over there!

3.  Research! – when your recruiter has found an area for you to work in, undertake some in-depth research.  Find the area on the map and then look for local expat groups on Facebook so you can talk to people and get their opinions.  If you are going to South Korea to TEFL alone or you don’t know anyone there already, you don’t really want to be placed in a rural area for the first time as this could be very lonely.  The expat communities there are great at helping others out and everyone is very friendly; and this is especially important to Hagwon staff as there is no orientation like with EPIK.

4.  Go, Go, Go – Once you have secured a job and you’re happy to go, pack your bags, say your goodbyes and fly off to the best time of your life.

We have many vacancies on our jobs board in South Korea with some huge benefits such as:

Flight reimbursement.
1 month salary bonus on completion of contract.
Rent-free single furnished apartment near your school.

Seriously, what’s stopping you now? South Korea really is a perfect TEFL destination with so much to offer so get applying and trust us, you won’t look back!


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  1. Julie

    Please could one of the Hagwon staff please be in contact with me. I’m interested and will be starting there next year 2016.

    • Katherine Hackett

      Hi Julie,

      Congrats on getting your teaching job in Korea!

      Here at i-to-i TEFL we actually train you to be a teacher, so we are not a recruiter. So, I’d advise you contact Hagwons directly or alternatively look at a specific Korea recruiter.

      Hope this helps!


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