Explore Thailand’s hidden Grand Canyon

When we think of the Grand Canyon, we think of the immense beauty of Arizona’s steep-sized gorge, carved by the Colorado River. But have you ever heard of the Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon?

No? Well, hidden away in the north of Thailand is an old stone quarry site that’s been filled with water. Unlike the US’s Grand Canyon, Thailand’s gorge is not just there to be gawped at. The stunning spot features emerald pools and all things water sports, ready to be explored.

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Tell me more…

While it’s not as big as its American big brother and not as natural (it’s man-made), Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon also offers breath-taking views and is well worth a visit.

The quarry lake is over 30 metres deep permitting thrill-seekers to safely jump off Canyon’s cliff edge plunging into its crystal blue waters. For the less daring of us, local companies also hire out rowing boats, offering a gentler way to enjoy the gorge’s beauty – yes please!

What else can I do?

The Canyon’s entertainment is not limited to water sports. So, if you interested in rock climbing, ziplining or want to try your hand at an obstacle course, you’re covered too. Sometimes, there’s even a large inflatable ‘pillow’ designed for bouncing tourists to propel their friends into the water – unmissable!

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Can I eat there?

After all those physical activities, you’re guaranteed to be feeling peckish, so head to one of the Canyon’s little restaurants or cafes. The Carmelo cafe comes highly recommended for a quick lunch, offering fresh fruit smoothies, noodle dishes and sandwiches. Expect to pay around 129 Baht for a main course – that’s just £3!

What else can I do in Chiang Mai?

The beauty of Chiang Mai’s botanical gardens, classic Northern Thai temples and high-population of elephants attracts many tourists each year. In spite of its popularity with Western visitors and range of activities to keep you busy, Chiang Mai is no tourist trap! In fact, ‘The Rose of the North’ has managed to preserve its ‘Thai-ness’ and will leave you enamoured by its authenticity.

Steeped in history, surrounded by stunning architecture and bursting with fun things to do, Chiang Mai is eager to be explored. So, if you’re in Northern Thailand, why not experience Chiang Mai’s charm for yourself?

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