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Want some assurances before you decide to part with your hard-earned cash and book a TEFL course? We don’t blame you! That’s why we’ve created 3 iron-clad promises, so you know you can trust us to not only help you get TEFL qualified, but to see you all the way through to your job applications and interviews, so you can start earning, and teaching, as soon as possible.

First off, a bit of background about i-to-i…We have over 210,000 graduates as we’ve been delivering TEFL courses to people from all over the world for a VERY long time. Over 28 years! So we’ve seen it all and have a lot of TEFL knowledge at our backs. This means we’ve been able to make sure our courses are as comprehensive as possible, so that they properly prepare you for your entry into the wonderful world of TEFL.

Now we’ve covered our history and experience, what are these promises we’re going to make to you, so you know that we’re serious about getting you TEFL qualified and earning as a TEFL teacher? Read on to find out!

Our 3 promises to you:

1. Continuous Academic Support

Our secret weapon, and the reason we have a 99% pass rate on our courses, is our Academic Support Team. They are a group of highly qualified and experienced TEFL teaching and TEFL course professionals, who will provide you with academic support for the duration of your course. This means they will be there to answer any queries you might have about the subject matter of the course, or questions you have about feedback you receive on your assignments. They can also help to motivate you when you’re struggling, so you can pass your course with flying colours and get your TEFL certification in no time! And, as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a brilliant Customer Support Team backing them up. This friendly bunch will be able to assist you with any technology issues you might have with the course. They’ve heard it all and they are absolute experts at what they do, so they’ll have it sorted for you in a flash! You’re in super safe hands with these experienced teams.

2. Personal Jobs Advice

In addition to all the support you receive during your course, we also have a Jobs Support Team on hand to assist you once you’ve passed and are ready to find a TEFL job! They can help by providing expert advice for every stage of your job application, from building the perfect TEFL CV/resume and writing a successful cover letter, to creating effective introductory videos and perfecting your interview skills. They are pros when it comes to TEFL jobs and they will make sure you have the best possible chance of landing your dream TEFL role!

3. Lifetime membership to our Jobs Board

And we won’t just be there for your first TEFL role! This promise shows you that we will be happy to support you, as a graduate, throughout your entire TEFL career. With your lifetime membership to our jobs board, you will benefit from the fact that we are linked to hundreds of reputable employers throughout the globe, and you’ll be able to keep finding the perfect TEFL role for your needs. So, if you want to start off teaching English online from your own home, but in a couple of years time you decide you want to jet off and teach English in a classroom abroad, that’s OK! We’ll still be there to support you! We want to be able to help you find the right TEFL job at every stage of your career, and the lifetime membership to our jobs board demonstrates our commitment to that.

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Ready to get started? We’re glad to hear it! Visit our TEFL courses page, or take our quick course matching quiz to find out which is the right one for you. Want some extra help? Arrange for a free callback with one of our TEFL Experts, who will be happy to assist you!

We look forward to supporting you on your TEFL journey!

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