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Why teaching is the most important profession in the world

Have you heard that saying: “Those who cannot, teach”?

Well, that’s totally bonkers!

Far from being “those who cannot”, teaching is the most important profession in the world. Think about it – if we didn’t have teachers, we wouldn’t have doctors, nurses, lawyers, scientists, writers, professors… because every single one of those skilled professionals started their journey with a teacher.

Teachers make a difference

Here at i-to-i, we believe that teachers matter immensely.

We salute the early years teachers, our all-important first formal teachers. We are in awe of the way they enable infants to make marks, understand sounds, play nicely and become independent – providing the critical foundations for effective writing, talking, counting and relationship-building.

Furthermore, we have huge respect for primary school teachers, who equip children with the building blocks that they need to progress. Primary school teachers teach skills in maths, reading, writing, science, music and art – and they help children learn how to interact and what to value.

We applaud secondary school teachers who have the incredibly tough job of motivating teenagers as they battle through their hormones. Secondary school teachers are a student’s passport to those all-important school-leaver exams that will shape their future.

 Teacher in classroom

TEFL teachers

So what about TEFL teachers? We bet you won’t be surprised to hear that we think they’re immensely important too.

TEFL teachers work with students of all ages – from pre-schoolers experimenting with words, through school children mastering language for travel and exams, to adults learning English for pleasure or for business.

If you’re teaching English as a foreign language, you’re not simply passing on English language skills. You’re an ambassador for your country. You’re opening doors to opportunities and friendships across the world. You are transforming lives.


adult teaching a child

Teaching to inspire

So, if you’re thinking about becoming a teacher, don’t just do it for the long holidays, the child-friendly hours or the potential career progression. Teach because you want to inspire tomorrow’s world leaders, because you are passionate about developing the self-belief of the shyest student and because you believe in the potential of every single person. Teach because it matters, because it is the most important profession in the world.

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