Top 5 Benefits Of Teaching English Abroad

Travelling the world can be pretty expensive, but if you’re willing to work along the way it really can be done without breaking the bank!

By teaching English abroad, you could earn some cash to fund your travels, plus you’ll get to experience life like a real local and have totally unique cultural experiences.  If the exciting cultures of the Middle East take your fancy, you could earn anything up to $45,000 per year (tax-free!)  or if you’d prefer Europe, you could earn over $32,000 per year.  Here at i-to-i, we’ve been training teachers for over 20 years and when we asked our lovely TEFLers what they thought the perks of teaching English abroad are they came up with some great benefits of teaching English abroad!

Meet New People

Possibly one of the greatest benefits of teaching English abroad: every single day you’ll encounter new people from all over the world, forming long-lasting relationships and creating memories that you will remember forever. Meeting new people from around the globe also comes in handy when you embark on future travels: quick trip to Russia or Canada maybe, where there’ll be a free sofa for you to fall asleep on?  Yes please!

Boost Your Resume – Improve Your Employment Prospects with TEFL

Another great perk of teaching English abroad is that your resume will improve ten-fold by the time you return to your native country.  Flexibility, teamwork, challenging situations, presenting to large groups and motivating others are just some of the skills that you’ll pick up over the duration of your TEFL career.  A TEFL qualification is a great addition to your resume and will set you apart from other applicants for any future jobs!  At some point, you may want to go back home and get a different job, and having taught English abroad, you’ll have developed so many impressive skills that you can put on your CV and demonstrate in your interview that you’ll stand a much better chance of getting the job!

Make a Difference – Change Lives

Another top perk of moving abroad to teach English is knowing that you’ll be making a difference to so many people: just call yourself a ‘professional life-changer!  Not to be cheesy, but the ability to speak English is a big confidence boost as it is the language of business; and once someone masters it, so many opportunities are opened up to them – and it will be YOU who has opened those doors for them!

Become a New Person – Challenge Your Fears and Insecurities

Teaching and travelling abroad can be a daunting experience for many people; you just need to know you’re not the only one!  Teaching English abroad will expand your awareness and introduce you to greater diversity, you could really get to know yourself!  Teaching a class of eager students who don’t speak a word of English will definitely be a challenge, but you’ll become a pro within a few lessons and all those fears you had will suddenly vanish!

Any other perks you can think of that we haven’t mentioned?  Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

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