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TEFL Job Interview – Guaranteed!

Job Interview Guarantee

Congrats! You’ve successfully completed your TEFL Course, next step: land your dream TEFL job!

If you have purchased TEFL Prime before 11th October 2021 and successfully complete your course, you’ll be able to sign up to our TEFL job seekers support service, and we will guarantee you a minimum of one job interview. We are linked to hundreds of reputable employers around the globe, so whether you are looking to jet off and teach English abroad, or teach English online, we are here to help you start your TEFL journey.

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Online English Teaching Jobs FAQs

  • Q: What's a Guaranteed Job Interview?

    If you’ve purchased TEFL Prime before 11th October 2021 and have successfully completed your course with us, you are guaranteed a TEFL interview!

    Our team of TEFL experts will work with you to write your TEFL resume/CV, find TEFL jobs, navigate your way through online TEFL job application forms, and write the best cover letters possible. So that you are guaranteed to get an interview with a TEFL employer, either online or abroad. We are also linked with hundreds of reputable TEFL employers, so we can help you connect with hiring TEFL employers online and overseas.

    Once you have secured your interview, if you need help prepping or practicing – we can help with that too!

    Within no time you will have landed your dream TEFL job!

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  • Q: Am I eligible?

    To be eligible for a Guaranteed Job Interview, you’ll need to have completed the following:

    • Purchased TEFL Prime before 11th October 2021
    • Successfully graduated from one of our TEFL Courses
    • Be signed up as a job seeker on the LoveTEFL jobs board
    • You need to have contacted [email protected] requesting assistance in getting an interview, make sure you cite the jobs guarantee when contacting the team

  • Q: What is the 420 Hour TEFL Diploma?

    The 420 Hour TEFL Advanced Diploma is the most comprehensive online TEFL course we offer. You’ll receive 420 hours of online learning where you will be taught the skills needed to become a successful TEFL teacher.

    Our 420 Hour TEFL Advanced Diploma is a Level 5 qualification, the equivalent level to a UK Higher National Diploma, and is regulated by the UK Government (Ofqual). This Diploma includes 5 specialist modules, Teaching Young Learners, Teaching English Online, Teaching Business English, Teaching Other Subjects in English and IELTS coaching. With these specialist qualifications on your CV and 420 Hours of TEFL learning, your resume will stand out above the crowd, and give you access to the highest paying TEFL jobs in the most sought-after locations.

    Key Information

    • 99% pass rate
    • Completion time of 12-20 weeks
    • Ofqual (UK Government) regulated qualification
    • ODLQC accredited
    • FREE study guide
    • 5 x Specialist modules


  • Q: How can I get more information?

    If you have more questions, please get in touch with our TEFL jobs team. They are more than happy to answer all of your burning questions!

    To get in touch with our team, simply send them an email at [email protected]

    TEFL Job Interview – Guaranteed!

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The entirety of these Terms and Conditions applies if you have booked a 300/320 hour Level 5 Diploma or purchased TEFL Prime with Guaranteed Job Interview included

  1. Eligibility: To be eligible for our Job Interview Guarantee the following must apply:
    • You have graduated from our 300/320 hour Level 5 Diploma course and your purchase was made from 21st April 2021 and 7th June 2021*


You have purchased TEFL Prime (between 11th June 2021 and 11th October 2021) and have graduated from one of our courses

  1. Information about the Guaranteed Job Interview
    • If you meet the above requirements, we’ll offer advice and direct you to appropriate employers on our jobs board so that you can secure an interview. This will involve multiple communications and applications.
      1. You will need to be flexible towards employers and opportunities we suggest for you – specific locations cannot be guaranteed
    • You should make changes based on our advice, and submit the applications we recommend for you
    • You will need to update us on the status of your applications. We expect an update from you at least monthly once you have started job hunting
    • If, after 6 months from your initial contact, you haven’t been successful in securing an interview you will need to email [email protected] to request a refund for your course. In order to process your request we’ll ask for the following information from you:
      1. Evidence of applications made to each employer and responses received
      2. We’ll also make contact with employers directly to follow up on your applications
    • Should the TEFL job market be negatively affected by an uncontrollable disaster/epidemic then the period required to secure an interview may be extended

* We’ll do our best to help all graduates from our courses to secure interviews with employers and will provide this service for anyone who contacts us. The Job Interview Guarantee promise was available with the TEFL Diploma course during this date range only.


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