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TPR (Total Physical Response) for Teaching English

TPR can be used to teach and practise a range of things

  • Vocabulary connected with different actions (smile, chop, tired, good)
  • Tenses past/present/future as well as continuous aspects (every morning I clean my teeth, I eat breakfast, I have a shower)
  • Classroom requirements/language (open your books, be quiet, listen)
  • Imperatives/instructions (Stand up, sit down, close your eyes)
  • Telling a story

Benefits of TPR

  • TPR makes everything more memorable
  • TPR incorporates all different learning styles (visual, auditory & kinaesthetic)
  • TPR works well with mixed-ability classes
  • TPR requires little or no preparation and will soon be something you automatically use

What is TPR?

TPR is a teaching method that was developed by Dr James Asher. It involves combining actions and words while teaching, to make sure you are catering to all types of learners – audio, visual and kinesthetic. Watch the video to find out more!

Different types of TPR

There are 2 types of TPR – Instructional and Educational. The aim of Instructional TPR is that the student learns how to do something (e.g. an action or sentence structure) and the aim of Educational TPR is that the student learns what something is (e.g. new vocabulary). Watch the video to find out more!

Top TPR moves

Top TPR moves are:

  • Pointing to your mouth when you want your students to focus on pronunciation
  • Cupping your ear/pointing to your ear to signal that you want them to speak
  • Clapping or counting on your fingers to focus on sentence structure or break down new words into syllables. Watch the video to find out more!

Classroom vs Online TPR

Although TPR is great to use whenever you’re teaching, it is more important to use it for your Online classes. TPR helps you to better connect with your students, despite the geographical distance, and helps to ensure you maintain their attention throughout. Watch the video to find out more!

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