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ESOL Teacher Jobs

If you’re interested in how to get an ESOL teacher job, look no further! We’ve got all the answers to your ESOL questions right below – whether you’re brand new to ESOL or an existing ESOL teacher. (P.S. In case you’re wondering, ESOL means English for Speakers of Other Languages!)


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What are ESOL teacher jobs?

ESOL is the acronym for English for Speakers of Other Languages and there are a few other acronyms that essentially mean the same thing: TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and ESL (English as a Second Language).

To get an English teacher job, you would need to complete a qualification in this field such as an ESOL course. ESOL teachers are those who use their qualification to teach abroad in non-native English speaking countries.

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Where can I find ESOL teacher jobs?

Getting an ESOL teacher job is an increasingly-popular field for many fluent English speakers. It’s no wonder that the amount of ESOL teacher jobs available are increasing with the growing demand in many non-native English speaking countries. The best place to search for an ESOL teacher job once you have your qualification is online on ESOL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL jobs boards such as:

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What qualifications do I need for ESOL teacher jobs?

To get an ESOL teacher job, you’ll need to be a fluent (or native) English speaker and have an ESOL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL qualification. The majority of these qualifications can be completed online from wherever you are in the world but you will need to ensure that the course you choose is accredited or regulated by a recognised body, such as Ofqual.

Also, for some specific countries, to get an ESOL teacher job, you may require a Batchelor’s Degree in order to obtain a working visa. For instance, China and Vietnam now only take on ESOL teachers who hold a degree.

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Are there different types of ESOL teacher jobs?

In short, yes. When you come to apply for ESOL teacher jobs, there are a few different options you’ll be faced with. You can choose to work for a school where you’d be teaching children between the ages of 3-18 years – this is probably the most common ESOL teacher job available.

Your ESOL teacher job can also vary depending on what type of school you apply to. For example, your experience would be vastly different working in a relatively unfunded school in rural Thailand than if you got a job in a private school in Shanghai. Some employers in more wealthy schools / organisations also offer a higher salary, bonuses, flight reimbursement, visa reimbursement, accommodation, travel costs, etc. but remember, there will be more expected of you if you do accept this type of position.

Otherwise, you could be teaching for a language school which means you could be teacher children and / or adults up to any age as this is outside of the curriculum.

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Are there any online ESOL teacher jobs?

If you’re less inclined to teach in front of a class, you can choose an ESOL teacher job with a one-to-one basis. This could be either face-to-face classes or online teaching and you can choose to either work for an agency or you could do freelance work.

ESOL teaching jobs online is a fast-growing industry as there’s a lot of demand and you can work as you travel (winner!). There are online ESOL teaching jobs advertised on ESOL job sites and there’s very little work involved in terms of set-up – all you need is a laptop / PC, a webcam and a strong internet connection.

If you decide to teach freelance:

– You can choose your own working hours;

– You’ll need to advertise your services online / create a website;

– You can set your own rates;

– You’ll need to find your own clients.


If you decide to teach for a language school:

– You’ll be contracted to a set / minimum number of hours per week;

– You won’t need to advertise online;

– Your set salary will be agreed upon prior to being offered the job;

– You’ll be given clients from the school.

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Where can I be an ESOL teacher?

There are a multitude of countries where you can go to get an ESOL teacher job. If you don’t hold a Batchelor’s Degree, try Cambodia, Spain, Mexico, Russia, Argentina or most South American countries as none of them require a degree for work permits.

If you do hold a Batchelor’s Degree, however, there are many more options available. Still the number one choice due to its consistently high demand, China is a great place to start out. Other Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Japan are also very popular choices – but the world is your oyster!

If it’s a high salary you’re after, the Middle East is your best bet. Salaries are much higher and you may even get accommodation, flight reimbursement and visa reimbursement thrown in. As we mentioned though, for this kind of deal, there may be higher expectations of your teaching skills.

It’s much more difficult, although not impossible, to get an ESOL teacher job in an English speaking country. This is because there is much less demand and therefore, they can afford to ask for a higher level qualification (such as a CELTA / DELTA qualification) for any teaching jobs advertised.

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What kind of salary do ESOL teacher jobs come with?

ESOL teacher job salaries can vary widely and it really depends on which country you choose to teach in, your experience, the type of job you get and the cost of living in your chosen destination.

The cost of living is worth factoring in as in countries such as Thailand, your salary may seem low but in relative terms, you may be earning more than in China, for example.

Average ESOL teacher job salaries (in the most popular locations):


  • Thailand – 35,000 THB / £660 / $1,080
  • China – 10,000 CNY / £1,200 / $1,900
  • Vietnam – 42,000,000 VND / £1,210 / $1,975
  • Cambodia – 3999000 KHR / £650 / $1000
  • Japan – 326,750 JPY / £1,835 / $3,000
  • South Korea – 2,625,000 KRW / £1,580 / $2,500
  • Hong Kong – 25,000 HKD / £1,500 / $2,600
  • India – 26,500 INR / £370 / $600

Middle East

  • Saudi Arabia – 11,275 SAR / £1,950 / £3,500
  • UAE – 11,750 AED / £2,000 / $3,000
  • Bahrain – 930 BHD / £1,950 / $2,900

The Americas

  • Argentina – 5,880 ARS / £430 / $700
  • Brazil – 2,775 BRL / £705 / £1,150
  • Chile – 715,000 CLP / £750 / $1,250
  • Colombia – 2,000,000 COP / £625 / $1,000
  • Mexico – 8,150 MXN / £375 / $600
  • Peru – 473 EUR / £375 / $600


  • France – 1,400 EUR / £1,095 / $1,778
  • Spain – 1,100 EUR / £865 / $1,410
  • Czech Republic – 16,000 CZK / £457 / $747
  • Germany – 1,185 EUR / £935 / $1,500
  • Greece – 1,200 EUR / £940 / $1,500
  • Italy – 1,380 EUR / £1,085 / $1,750
  • Portugal – 1,000 EUR / £785 / $1,250
  • Turkey – 2,250 TRY / £615 / $990


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