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iA Level English

English language lesson
English Language A Level
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English language lesson
English Language A Level
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Course overview

Our iA Level qualifications are the gateway to the best universities around the world.

With an iA Level in English Language, you’ll be building up the foundation knowledge you need to pursue a wide variety of career routes, such as Teaching, Journalism, and Copywriting.

Within as little as 12 months, you’ll be taught invaluable life skills, including how to communicate effectively, critically analyse information and challenge assumptions. These communication and analytic skills will set you up for further study or your chosen career path.

Our English Language iA Level qualification also includes your Pearson Edexcel exam, which will give you the grade you’ll need for UCAS points, which are needed if you wish to study at university.

You’ll also get:

  • 100% online study, available 24/7 (excluding the exam)
  • Excellent tutor support from highly qualified and friendly experts
  • An internationally recognised qualification
  • Tutors

    Tutor Support

    Throughout your studies, you’ll have access to our amazing tutor support team, who are on hand to help you with any queries you may have. They are experts in their fields and happy to help!

    The Advisor Team

    Anything these guys don’t know about educational courses isn’t worth knowing! They are an amazing bunch of friendly experts, who will help you select the right course for your needs, so you can follow your dreams.

    Sales team

    Academic Team

    A great set of people to have in your corner if you find yourself stumped by a section of the course! This wonderful team will come to your rescue ASAP and talk you through anything you need help with, so you can keep momentum and get your qualification!

    Customer Support Team

    Find yourself fighting with technology? Our customer support team are here to save the day! If you have any issues accessing the platform for your course, or downloading your certificate, they will sort it out for you in no time!

    Customer support team

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  • Accreditations

    You will need to complete an in-person exam in order to pass this course. This can be arranged at a time and date that suits you, with our trusted partners.

    We have examination centres, approved by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). located around the country: Bolton, Coventry, Doncaster, St Neots Cambridgeshire,  High Wycombe, Taunton, Wimbledon and Belfast.

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  • Topics you'll cover
    • Textual variations and representations
    • Children’s language development
    • Language diversity and change
    • Language discourses
    • Writing skills
    • Language investigation
    • Original writing
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  • Modules

    During this course, you will cover the following modules:

    • Introduction to English Language
    • Introduction to language levels
    • Analysing texts with a specific focus on mode: speech, computer mediated communication, and genre
    • Introduction to language diversity, considering language and the individual, social groups and regional variation
    • Developing textual analysis skills
    • Analysing texts with a specific focus on representation
    • Non-exam assessment: original writing – working with style models
    • Developing language diversity: with a specific focus on gender, occupation, and ethnicity
    • Attitudes towards language diversity
    • How and why does language change
    • Non-exam assessment: language investigation
    • Introduction to children’s language development
    • Non-exam assessment: language investigation
    • Non-exam assessment: original writing
    • Developing language diversity
    • Explore issues linked to World English and consider attitudes towards language in use
    • Developing language change
    • Exploring reasons for change & developing ideas about attitudes towards language change
    • Developing textual analysis skills
    • Developing children’s language acquisition
    • Exam preparation and revision
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  • Course Duration

    There are no physical classes to attend, all your work is online so you can complete your iA Level in your own time, as quickly as you like.

    This iA Level will take 360 hours to complete.

    Most people gain their English Language iA Level in as little as 12 months.

  • Quick FAQs

    What are iA Levels?

    A Levels are the qualifications taken by students in the UK between the ages of 16 and 19 which lead to university, further study, training or work. International Advanced Level Qualifications, also known as iA Levels, are the ‘international’ version of A-Levels, and they are available in many countries around the world.

    What’s the difference between iA Level and A Level?

    The differences between iA Level and A Level are very minor. A Levels are only available in the UK and a small number of other counties, whereas iA Levels can be taken in over 150 counties across the world. They are both equivalent qualifications that are highly regarded and accepted by universities and employers within the UK.

    So, who are iA Levels suitable for?

    If you wish to go to university, most higher education providers will require you to obtain a minimum of 3 A Level or iA Level certificates. If you have a particular university course in mind that you wish to enrol on, they may require an A Level/iA Level certificate in a particular subject and grade/level to apply, so it’s worth checking this out before you commence your studies.

    If you’re not sure what career path you wish to pursue, iA Levels are a brilliant way of exploring different subjects and finding what you enjoy.

    Are there any requirements for me to undertake iA Level English Language?

    We recommend that students have a GCSE or iGCSE in Maths before taking our iA Level in Maths.

    Is this iA Level English Language qualification internationally recognised?

    This iA Level English Language qualification is an internationally recognised qualification which means it will be accepted at universities worldwide and is recognised by employers around the world, so you can use it when you apply for jobs too.

    How is the iA Level English Language Course assessed?

    At the end of each unit in your iA Level English Language course, you will find an end of unit assignment. This is completed online and submitted to your tutor. Once assessed, your tutor will return your work complete with its final grade and feedback. Once you’ve successfully passed each unit, you’ll be ready to take your iA Level English Language exam.

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