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5 Common Customer Queries

  • I haven’t received my confirmation email with log in details

    No worries! Often, these confirmation emails get stuck in your junk or spam folders, so try looking here first. Another possibility is that your email address may not be correct on our system. If you’ve checked your junk mail and still can’t see your email, please call us on the number below.

    Contact customer support: 877 526 3959

  • I have a problem viewing my e-certificate / I haven’t received my e-certificate

    If you’ve received your email to download your e-certificate but you’re having problems viewing it, here are some things that may be the issue:

    • Type your details in rather than copy and pasting them in to the boxes.
    • You’ll need an up-to-date version of a PDF viewer to access your e-certificate – to download your free version of Adobe Reader click here.
    • You’ll need to put your candidate number in before your date of birth otherwise it won’t allow you to enter your date of birth.
    • You can print your e-certificate if you’d like – by downloading it and printing as normal; however, please note it won’t be of the same quality as our professionally printed certificates.


    If you haven’t received your e-certificate email but you were expecting to…

    • E-certificates are sent out within 7 days of successfully completing your qualification – this is because they need to be verified by our regulators before sending.
    • Make sure you’re checking the correct email address that you supplied us – this will be the same email as your course log in.
    • Sometimes, these emails get stuck in your junk or spam folders, so try looking here too.

    Contact customer support: 877 526 3959

  • I’m going to need more time to complete my course, do I need to extend it before it expires?

    You can extend your course either before or after it expires and all your work will be stored in your account ready for you to continue. You do not need to purchase your extension before the course expires as you can do this at any time.

    We do recommend that you try to continue working through your course as soon as possible so that you can remember everything you have learnt.

    To purchase an extension, click here.

    Contact customer support: 877 526 3959

  • I’ve purchased a course bundle (e.g. 300 Hour Course), how do I get started?
    • In your confirmation email, you’ll have the links to each individual course.
    • We suggest you start by activating the 120 Hour Course as this gives you a good foundation into teaching English as a whole and then work through in order.
    • Only activate one course at a time, giving yourself enough time to complete each course before moving onto the next one.
    • When you log in, you’ll need to select the 120 Hour Course (or whichever course you’re working on) from the drop down menu.

    Contact customer support: 877 526 3959

  • I want to print off my course
    • You can only print the parts of the course that you currently have access to. For instance, if you’re working in module 2, you can print the introduction, module 1 and module 2 but not module 3.
    • To print, you need to go into the module, then into any chapter, and there will be two options on the left-hand side – one says “Print Chapter” and one says “Print Book”. To print the chapter alone, click “Print Chapter” or to print the whole module, click “Print Book”.
    • FYI – the course is designed to be completed online, so this is how it works best.
    • If your course has expired, you won’t be able to access it unless you purchase the ‘Read Only Course’ which gives your a year’s worth of read-only access. You can purchase this here. You’ll just need to select ‘extras’ from the top bar and then ‘Ready Only Course’.

    Contact customer support: 877 526 3959

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