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80 Hour Online TEFL Course

The 80 Hour Online TEFL Course combines the complete 60 Hour Online TEFL Course with an intensive 20 hour grammar awareness module to give you a TEFL certificate that’s recognised by 1,000s of language schools and institutes worldwide. Whether you’re new to TEFL and need an accredited and respected TEFL course to start your teaching career or you’re looking to improve your TEFL resume, the 80 Hour Combined TEFL Course is a great choice.

The 80 Hour Online TEFL Course Gives You

  • An internationally recognised 80 hour TEFL certificate
  • 60 hours of in-depth TEFL training right online Find out more
  • 20 hours of complete English grammar training Find out more
  • Detailed feedback on your progress from our experienced online tutors
  • FREE lifetime TEFL advice

Choosing the right TEFL course for you


What’s included in the 80 Hour Online TEFL course?

The 60 Hour Online TEFL Course

During your 60 Hour Online TEFL Course, you’ll work your way through 13 interactive and fun modules, beginning with the very basics of EFL teaching, all the way through to planning your own lessons. And don’t forget – our expert online tutors will be there with you every step of the way in case you get stuck. Here’s what you’ll cover during your course:

Module 1:

Student Motivation, Teacher Roles and TEFL Methods

Module 2:

Classroom Management and Student Levels

Module 3:

An Introduction to English Grammar

Module 4:

How to Teach Grammar

Module 5:

How to Teach Vocabulary

Module 6:

How to Teach Pronunciation

Module 7:

Mistake Correction and Feedback

Module 8:

How to Teach Speaking and Writing

Module 9:

How to Teach Listening and Reading

Module 10:

Lesson Planning

Module 11:

Games and Activities

Module 12:

Cultural Awareness in the Classroom

Module 13:

Finding work

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The 20 hour Grammar Awareness Certificate

With i-to-i’s 20 Hour Online Grammar Awareness Certificate you’ll get to grips with all those tricky grammar concepts, which you probably should have learnt in school but never did, meaning you can effectively teach them to your students. Here’s what you’ll cover:


Module 1:

The Nuts and Bolts of English (5 hours)
Start your grammar training with a look at grammar terminology, word classes and parts of speech.


Module 2:

English Tense Forms (5 hours)
Learn how verbs are used to form the past, present and future tenses.


Module 3:

English Tense Functions (5 hours)
Learn how different time references can refer to different tenses and how the same tense can have different functions.


Module 4:

Vocabulary and Phonology (5 hours)
All about words. Explore how they sound, how they are pronounced, how they are spelt and how we can categorise them.

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Compare Our Courses

What you'll get: 40 Hour
60 Hour
80 Hour
100 Hour
120 Hour
ODLQC - accredited qualification Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Embossed i-to-i TEFL Certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
New 13 interactive learning modules Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Downloadable PDF's of TEFL theory No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Comprehensive list of TEFL resources No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full online tutor support No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video tutorials No Yes Yes Yes Yes
20 hour Specialist Certificate in Grammar No No Yes Yes Yes
20 hours in 2 Specialist Modules No No No Yes Yes
6 months of lesson plans No No No Yes Yes
TEFL Toolkit No No No Yes Yes
Additional 20 hours in 2 Specialist Modules No No No No Yes
Lifetime Access to Teaching Helpdesk No No No No Yes
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