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Established 1994: Get TEFL qualified and find your new path teaching English abroad with the world’s leading TEFL course provider. We're here for you each step of the way.

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TEFL Experiences & Internships

TEFL Experiences & Internships

Exciting teach & travel adventures across the world

What’s so special about i-to-i?

Internationally Recognised:

We’ve qualified over 175,000 teachers since 1994 and our TEFL courses are exclusively endorsed by school across the world. That’s why employers prefer to hire i-to-i teachers.

Study that fits around you:

You don't need to quit your job or your college course to get started. Our online courses are totally flexible, and we offer a range of teach and travel opportunities to help you get into teaching.

Support from start to finish:

Our small but mighty team is here for you throughout – from your dedicated course tutor, to our intrepid support staff smoothing the way once you’re abroad. We’ve got your back, now focus on enjoying the ride!

Find your dream role:

Once you’re qualified, take your pick from over 2,500 live roles on our TEFL jobs board. Whether you’re an experienced degree holder or looking for your first teaching job, we can help you find your dream job.

Hear it from our customers

Lucy Makepeach in Cambodia

Lucy Makepeace

Lucy taught in Cambodia for two months before being offered a permanent role in Phnom Penh.

Knowing that I am helping these children and adults to build their confidence and improve their English is so rewarding, and I find their determination and humility inspiring. They are not only learning from me, but I have learnt so much from them too.

Tim in Russia


Tim took our TEFL course, and now lives and teaches in Russia, where he’s thinking of remaining!

Life is better than ever! I work for successful people, salary is great. I see the world. I see growth in the kids I teach. Is there anything more I really need to say to persuade you that this is a life-changing course?

Jasmine-Leann Gaterell in Thailand

Jasmine-Leann Gaterell

Jasmine-Leann taught in Thailand for two months on the Thailand TEFL Internship

I wish everyone could spend a period of their lives in a school such as this to truly put what it is important into perspective. The world would definitely be a better place.

Will Peach in Spain

Will Peach

Will got TEFL qualified and now lives and works in Spain, where he’s working on becoming bilingual!

Not only am I learning more about Spanish people, getting under the skin of the culture and discovering what it is that makes them tick, but I’m also enhancing my career, my skills and building something more than simply a 24 hour-a-week TEFL career.

Charlia Adams in Cambodia

Charlie Adams

Charlie taught in Cambodia for two months on the Cambodia TEFL Internship

I really enjoyed immersing myself in the culture and I’ve learnt such a lot. The kids are incredible, and their attitude towards learning is inspiring. It was definitely the children that made my teaching experience so enjoyable.

Rachel Melton in South Africa

Rachel Melton

Rachel taught in South Africa for two months before securing a permanent teaching role in China

I was already planning on going travelling and this meant I could travel and do something meaningful too! Teaching the children was incredible and made me realise what I want to do as a career later on in life: teach! I also made some pretty close friendships as well as getting to live in an amazing city.

James in Paris


James took our TEFL course and now lives the dream teaching in Paris with his partner!

My advice would be: do it! Life is too short and I firmly believe that if you want to leave and be successful, the only thing standing in your way is a lack of self-belief.

Teaching and travelling abroad: an experience like no other

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Boost your CV and earn a great wage with your TEFL certificate and hands-on professional teaching experience.

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Experience a new culture like no tourist could, and make friends for life by living and working in the local community.

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South America, Europe, Asia... with your qualification you can teach all over the globe, and what better way to see the world?

See the world TEFL-style

Meet Your Team

The everyday heroes making your TEFL experience one to remember

Emma Duffy

TEFL Expert

Emma’s an old hand in the TEFL industry – she’s been in the game for nearly five years (eek!). She loves speaking to new people and hearing their stories, helping them achieve their TEFL dreams. New York is Emma’s favourite destination – a visit last year has developed into what’s looking like a life-long love. Also, she can sing with her mouth shut.

Any good stories? I once convinced my local bar I was in Coronation Street, and I’m still reaping the benefits to this day.

Natalie Jerrison

TEFL Expert

Natalie has worked with i-to-i for nearly two years, and her knowledge of teaching overseas is vast! She can tell you all about TEFL courses and amazing travel opportunities all over the world, so just ask. Nat spent six months studying in sunny Spain which infected her with the travel bug, and she loves to visit family in beautiful South Africa.

Favourite food: Surf’n’turf – preferably on a South African beach...

Adam Shefta

TEFL Expert

Seasoned TEFL traveller Adam has worked at a school in Lima, and has even volunteered at an animal sanctuary in Thailand through one of his teaching jobs. There isn’t much Adam can’t tell you about the world of TEFL! He loves sharing with you guys all the opportunities that TEFL can provide – there are so many amazing places to teach and travel. Also loves: football, drumming and travelling of course!

Favourite place: Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Natasha Cox

Senior Telesales Consultant

Tash has been in the teach & travel industry for five years, and she’s driven by giving people the opportunity to experience new countries, cultures and pastimes. Her role also includes keeping the motley crew of TEFL Experts in check (and trust us, they need it!) and organising late-night office deliveries of her favourite Thai food for the team.

Favourite place: America!

Jo Bearcroft

Operations Manager

Ops Manager Jo oversees our courses and travel opportunities, and makes sure everything runs smoothly for our customers. She’s been in the teach & travel industry for 15 years after taking a career break to volunteer, and she wants to help others have similar experiences. Other hobbies include biking, walking, camping, and being in the great outdoors with her young daughter. Adventure doesn’t have to always be far from home!

Fun fact: Has been attacked by killer bees, and stung by a scorpion – but lives to tell the tale!

Victoria Sharratt

Operations Executive

Our northern belle Tor keeps everything running like clockwork for our students and travellers alike. She’s been all around the world, and loved her time on the 2 month Thailand internship in 2014 (which incidentally led her to join our team!). Tor knows her stuff, and can answer any questions about the ins-and-outs of teaching English abroad.

Secret skill: Tor’s laugh is highly infectious. She can set the whole office off when she gets going...

Jill Drysdale

Operations Executive

Born and bred Leeds lass Jill has over ten years in the TEFL industry behind her! She’s travelled around Australia and New Zealand before settling back here in Yorkshire to help others achieve their dreams of teaching English abroad. She loves crafting with her five year old daughter, camping in the great outdoors and experimenting with new recipes.

Fun fact: Jill is one of i-to-i’s longest standing members of staff. Cheers, Jill!

Peter McCarthy

TEFL Expert

Pete loves spending his days chatting to would-be TEFLers (and getting steadily more jealous of their amazing travel plans). He’s spent lots of time abroad and has the bamboo tattoos to prove it – the inked elephant on his arm is called Porcelain the Third, and he maintains this was a sober decision! Also likes: rugby, football and the inevitable pub visits that accompany a game.

Favourite place: Gili Air, Indonesia. I lived there for just over a month, and it was incredible.


How will I find time to qualify?

We know you're busy. That's why you can fit your study around your existing commitments with our online course. You can even study on your tablet on the sofa.

How will I afford to live overseas?

The cost of living abroad can be really low - for example, in Thailand a hot Pad Thai could set you back as little as 50p!

How much could I earn?

It depends. You could take home as much as £2,000 a month (that's South Korea), with salaries generally being enough to live a pretty good standard locally.

Did you know...?

  • We’re always keen to innovate – that’s why we invented the online TEFL course in 2001! That’s right... we were the first TEFL company ever to offer online study.
  • Founded in 1994, we’re also the longest-running UK TEFL company and have got over 175,000 people qualified to teach abroad.
  • We’re independently accredited and come recommended by some of the world’s biggest language schools. An i-to-i qualification means quality!
  • Based in the heart of Yorkshire in Leeds, UK, our crack team of TEFL experts have over 21 years’ industry experience.

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4.41 / 5 Rating
1202 Reviews
I greatly appreciated all the support that was available. I had a difficult time downloading my lesson plan and essay, and the staff worked with me to scan and email them. Everyone I worked with at i-to-i TEFL was professional and helpful!
Good teaching training. I have been teaching English for a few years already and I wanted to brush up my technique and I'm glad I chose i-to-i to do it. A friend of mine recommended your company. I was able to get a discount, which was nice. I experienced no problems or glitches while taking the course. Lots of useful tips and links. Overall a very good experience. Definitely worth the time and money spent. Thank you for a no-hassle, positive experience. I feel much better qualified as a teacher.
I took the 140-Hour Combined Course...overall I thought this was a decent course. For someone like myself who had no prior experience or knowledge of teaching, I think it's a very useful course to partake in. However, I did have a few issues with it. For one, there were numerous typos and grammatical mistakes littered all throughout the course. I find this quite odd considering the course's purpose is to teach people how to teach proper English. It just makes the course look sloppy and unprofessional. I also thought the self-check quizzes were at times irrelevant to the material that was presented in the course. Some of the quizzes had questions about things that were not even taught or included in the course, which I found to be frustrating. For the 20-hour practical portion of the course, I thought the directions for the Chicago location could've been much clearer (they told me the course was located in a restaurant when it was actually in a hotel), and there definitely should've been signage noting which floor and room number the course was in. Other than that, I think it was a decent investment, their customer support was pretty fast at responding to me when I had issues and the tutor who graded my final lesson plan was also very expedient. I was told it would take up to 7 business days to get my feedback and final grade, but the tutor responded the very next day, so that was awesome.

Rachel on the South Africa TEFL Internship from i-to-i on Vimeo.

Thailand - The best experience of my life from i-to-i on Vimeo.