Volunteer Travel from i-to-i

Volunteer travel with i-to-i means you’ll be contributing towards the development of a community in need. Time, hard work and dedication is essential in allowing a project to grow, and with the help of i-to-i’s volunteers our projects are able to provide essential support to underprivileged communities through the means of education, childcare, wildlife conservation and development. 

Volunteer travel is a fantastic way to explore off the beaten track and become immersed into a new culture. During your time at our projects you’ll be living like a local, staying in simple accommodation where you can gain an authentic immersion into a new culture- whether it’s a homestay, volunteer or guest house. When you undergo volunteer travel with i-to-i you will be greeted by our local in-country team. This ensures that the money we provide the projects is distributed directly back to the communities abroad.

International volunteering can boost your personal development too. During your time on site you’ll learn a great deal about yourself- you’re likely to grow in confidence, your communicational skills will develop and you’ll have the chance to meet other international volunteers. Volunteers returning from their time away are usually more independent, more adventurous and more courageous, especially if it was their first foray into independent travel.

i-to-i is here to support you every step of the way along your own volunteering journey. Together, we can make a difference to communities all over the world. 

Check out our range of volunteer projects, or learn more about volunteering abroad and begin the journey of a lifetime with us.

TEFL Courses from i-to-i

Did you know that YOU can get paid to see the world by Teaching English Abroad? If you can speak English, and you’re ready for a new life full of excitement, challenges and rewarding experiences - then TEFL could be for you! Whether you’re a professional teacher or a complete beginner, an i-to-i TEFL qualification is your passport to the greatest journey of your life.

As an English language teacher, you’ll improve the educational and career opportunities of your students and enable them to become part of the wider global community of English speakers. At the same time, you’ll experience a new culture and rewarding job while building your travel portfolio and making new friends internationally. So, if you can speak English, you’re nearly there! It just takes an i-to-i TEFL course to kick-start your new teaching adventure.

From lessons on your sofa to face-to-face training, we provide a range of courses to suit different learning styles, lifestyles and personal teaching plans abroad. With your certificate, you’ll be able to pick up paid work as you travel or secure a long term contract abroad. Additionally, your experiences will open the door to new opportunities back home as well as abroad. You’ll stun employers back home with a CV full of unique skills and impressive experiences, and you’ll be able to network internationally for other job opportunities of interest. Anything else? Excursions between teaching (affordable as you’ll be earning), memories that will stay with you forever and a whole network of friends and contacts spanning the globe.

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