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20 Hour Classroom TEFL Course

Earn a great salary living, teaching and travelling abroad

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Give TEFL a try with the world’s best, most respected two-day practical course. Led by expert tutors, this face-to-face course will introduce you to a range of essential teaching methodologies and give you the chance to practise lesson scenarios with other learners. If you find you’ve got the TEFL bug, you can upgrade your qualification to a Professional TEFL Certificate – all you need to apply for well-paid, exciting teaching jobs worldwide.

TEFL teacher and students

This face-to-face course will help you master a range of essential teaching skills

TEFL students

Walk into a classroom with confidence

TEFL students

Upgrade your existing qualification which will qualify you for well-paid teaching jobs worldwide.

Endorsed by language schools worldwide

Course breakdown

How it works

We run weekend TEFL courses with local tutors all over the globe, so you’ll just need to pick a course at a time and location that works for you. Over two exciting days, you’ll join a group of like-minded aspiring teachers in working through the practical aspects of teaching.

The weekend course

Day 1
9.00-9.15 Welcome & course aims
9.15-10.30 TEFL principles
10.30-11.00 Break
11.00-12.30 Teaching new language
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-3.00 Grammar & error correction
3.00-3.15 Break

(time may vary)

Teaching Practice 1
5.30-6.00 Day 1 reflection
Day 2
9.00-9.30 Review
9.30-10.30 Pronunciation
10.30-11.00 Break
11.00-12.30 Teaching reading & listening
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.30 Using coursebooks
2.30-2.45 Break

(time may vary)

Teaching Practice 2
5.00-5.30 Day 2 reflection
5.30-6.00 Your TEFL future

Do it. I know you are worried about the culture-shock, the classroom, the students and mostly, the fear of failure; I was too, but I took the plunge and you should too.

Jess, Graduate - Works in Cambodia

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i-to-i are accredited by the ODLQC (Open Distance Learning Quality Council), which means our courses are recognised as great quality all over the world. The ODLQC is an independent accrediting body that ensures quality in open and distance learning.


We’re an associate of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), a global support network for TEFL professionals. IATEFL runs regular publications and conferences for teachers worldwide.

Why is accreditation important?

The truth is, not all TEFL courses are created equal, and that’s where accreditation comes in – please, don’t waste your cash on a course that isn’t recognised around the world! Accreditation means an independent, outside body (such as the ODLQC) has reviewed the contents of a TEFL course and deemed that it meets certain international standards of learning. In short, accreditation means quality.

Money Back Guarantee

If, within the first fourteen days of booking your course, you’re not happy, we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

Top reasons to train with i-to-i

  • Our 21 years’ experience has made us sticklers for quality – we’re constantly honing our courses to make sure they’re the best out there.
  • Employers across the world want i-to-i TEFL graduates, and we’ve got hundreds of jobs available on our TEFL jobs board. Find yours now!
  • We’ve trained over 175,000 TEFL teachers over the years. Why don’t you join them?

Where can I teach?

Teaching English across the world, you could earn from around £500/$720 up to a massive £3900/$5700 a month (that’s in the UAE)! Click your chosen destination on the map to find out how your earning potential stacks up.

  • Employers across the world recognise the i-to-i TEFL course as the sign of a competent, motivated TEFL teacher
  • Did you know you could be qualified and applying for our dream roles in as little as 8 weeks?
  • You’ll also likely get lots of great benefits included like accommodation, meals and in some cases, your flights paid for!

* Note: these figures are approximate as of April 2016 and represent the maximum earning potential in each location

Hear from our students

The tutors were excellent and provided me with feedback through-out the course.

L.Paterson, Graduate
March 2016

This course has made teaching aboard become real. It has made me extremely excited for what the future holds with regards to teaching aboard.

Amy Daugherty, Graduate
February 2016

I am now teaching ESL in South Korea and implementing all I’ve learnt from i-to-i’s TEFL course with much success!!

Julie Tran, Graduate,
South Korea

I have learned more about the English language with the TEFL course and by teaching English than I have learned my entire life experience of attending school.

Christina, teaches in Germany

I loved being able to expand my knowledge of teaching, its practices and to improve my grammar.

Heather, Thailand intern

TEFL jobs - competitive salaries, amazing benefits, dream locations

Our jobs board is packed with dream roles all over the world, and as an i-to-i graduate you’ll be well equipped to apply. Now, you just need to decide: where would you most like to teach?

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Live the dream teaching English in Asia

Start dates: year round

Experience the colourful and varied cultures of Asia. Teaching jobs are available all over Asia; you could earn up to £1900/$2800 a month teaching the basics to kindergartners, all the way up to businesspeople wanting to brush up on their English grammar. Positions available in South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

View Jobs in Asia

Explore and earn in varied Europe

Start dates: year round

The type of roles you’ll find in Europe may be more competitive, as in many countries English is taught in schools from an early age anyway. That said, some of these amazing placements across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland and Greece will be perfect for TEFL teachers wanting to discover European life.

View Jobs in Europe

Earn up to £3900/$5700 in the Middle East

Start dates: year round

Teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates offer a unique insight into Middle Eastern life. Teachers in this area will get to experience a rich culture alongside earning some of the world’s most attractive salary and benefits packages.

View Jobs in the Middle East

Teaching in the Americas

Start dates: year round

Boasting some of the world’s most breath taking scenery and ancient history, the South and Central Americas are both great choices for TEFL teachers. Discover the vibrant cultures of Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Costa Rica and gain hands-on teaching experience in a welcoming local community.

View Jobs in South & Central America

Live and teach across Africa

Start dates: year round

We have teaching placements across Africa including in South Africa, Morocco and Egypt. Every location varies massively, but each offers the opportunity to live and teach in a unique culture, and can be financially rewarding – you can earn up to £1300/$2000 a month teaching in Morocco!

View Jobs in Africa

Endorsed by language schools worldwide

Top reasons to take a TEFL course

You never know where it could lead

You may just want to see what all the fuss is about, but who knows? It could be the start of an amazing new chapter of your life.

It looks great on your resume

Employers always like to see lots of varied experience on a CV. Show them you can learn, plan and manage people effectively.

It’s more lucrative than you think

In countries like Japan and the UAE, you’ll likely earn a lot more than you could in many roles back home. Ker-ching!

The 9-5 isn’t your only option

Fancy teaching your students on the beach? No problem! Want to check out Angkor Wat at the weekend? Done!

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Say hi to the TEFL tutors!

With at least 5 years' teaching experience each, these guys are here to get you qualified and out there teaching.

TEFL Tutor

Lindsey Cottle

Lindsey is currently living in Amsterdam, where she’s worked for the university since late 2015. She’s previously worked all over including in India, Italy, Taiwan and the UK – but Hong Kong is her favourite teaching location after being thrown in the deep end at just 22. She loves the motivation and effort the weekend course students demonstrate, and can’t wait to meet you all there!

Director of Studies

Tracy Robinson

After almost 20 years in the industry, teaching students of all ages and nationalities, Tracy now uses her experience to train teachers to do the same! As our Director of Studies she is involved in creating and maintaining courses, looking after our tutors and candidates and dealing with day-to-day academic issues.

TEFL Tutor

Stuart Fassam

Stuart’s been teaching TEFL for nine years now, after what was meant to be a year in Sicily turned into six (oops)! As well as Italy, he’s also worked in Spain and France in private language schools, state school and universities, and also has experience in Director of Studies and examiner roles. He’s now based in the good old north of England with his partner and two kids.
Fun fact: Stuart’s partner Claire is also one of our TEFL tutors (though they haven’t yet confirmed if they met in the classroom!).

TEFL Tutor

Penny Campbell

TEFL superwoman Penny is qualified up to the eyeballs, and has lived and taught in some amazing locations like Egypt, Mexico and Japan over the past twenty years. It was a burning desire to see the world that spurred Penny to get qualified, but since then she’s learnt how rewarding and diverse a career in TEFL can be; she’s written books and exams, and produced online resources for the British Council. Phew!
TEFL highlight: When I qualified, online courses didn’t exist – so I did my CELTA qualification in Egypt, and loved it!

TEFL Tutor

Meryl Burgess

Leeds lass Meryl delivers courses around the north of England, and has volunteered and taught abroad in Ecuador, the Czech Republic and Australia. She’s been in the TEFL game for 15 years, and still gets a kick out of meeting the TEFL students who are off on amazing adventures around the world. Meryl’s favourite country is Ecuador, a diverse country with very welcoming locals.
TEFL highlight: Obtaining my visa to be able to teach in Ecuador involved illegal border crossings and bribery. Maybe not a highlight… but certainly memorable!

TEFL Tutor

Teresa Jacobs

Liverpudlian Joe has been a TEFL tutor for almost twenty years (“good grief, that went fast!”). He’s actually one of our own graduates, taking the i-to-i course in 1997 before heading off to teach in Japan, Australia and Cambodia – where he rode to school on the back of a teacher’s moped. Joe loves hearing back from students who have achieved their ambitions and knowing he’s been a part of it.

TEFL Tutor

Alex Semakin

Russian-born Alex is the former Online Director of Studies for i-to-I, and he loves putting his MA in TESOL into practise passing on his knowledge of teaching abroad to his students. His passion is simplifying complex grammar rules and seeing the look of understanding cross a student’s face! Alex has lived and worked all over Europe, Israel and in the USA, and currently works for a university in Perm, Russia.

TEFL Tutor

Annie da Silva

Portugese-born Annie started life in Paris, but has lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for most of her life after her parents emigrated when she was two. She’s been a TEFL teacher in her home country for over 25 years, and a teacher trainer for over ten years. You’ll likely meet her if you take our classroom course in Jo’burg, so be sure to say hi!
TEFL highlight: I feel very privileged to do the work I do. There aren’t many jobs that expose you to so many different types of people and walks of life!

TEFL Tutor

Debbie Hooper

It was the variety of the work and the diverse people that attracted Debbie to TEFL back in 1993, and she’s lived and worked in Vienna, Austria and New Zealand (lucky!). Based in Devon, she’s been teacher training since 2002. Fave aspect of TEFL? She loves the challenge of diving into a new culture and finding out how things work in a new country.
Most remote TEFL course: I’ve run courses in remote parts of China, Siberia and Rwanda!

TEFL Tutor

Paul Myers

Paul lives in Hong Kong, and runs weekend courses in Bangkok and Hanoi. He started his TEFL career teaching in Korea, then moved on to Japan and China, and still nurses a passion for travel today. His favourite aspect of being a TEFL tutor is being instrumental in the lives of people who want to learn English, and he recognises that the teacher makes a huge difference in learning effectiveness.
Favourite place: Thailand, for sure. I think this is largely due to the incredibly friendly people. I’d love to teach there one day.


Who delivers the course?

Our course is delivered by one of our expert tutors across the world, all of whom are passionate about teaching abroad, and (crucially) many of whom were in a similar position to you at some stage! All i-to-i tutors are highly qualified, have bags of teaching and teacher training experience, and are super aware of industry trends and the TEFL job market.

How much practice do I get?

Throughout the course you’ll be practicing teaching techniques in small groups, which will help to build your skills and confidence. At the end of each day you’ll integrate the skills you’ve learned by planning and delivering a complete lesson. The course is set in a friendly, engaging and supportive environment, and will get you prepped for starting to teach your own TEFL lessons.

Who is the course suitable for?

Everyone wanting an exciting and rewarding future as a TEFL teacher! No TEFL knowledge or experience is required - we’ll provide you with all the essential classroom skills you need from scratch.

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