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TEFL Courses in Sydney

Find A Sydney TESOL/TEFL Course Today

Take your pick from the basic 20 Hour Practical TEFL/TESOL Course in Sydney or a combined course package that gives you the full practical course plus extensive TEFL training online. Whichever type of TEFL course you choose, you’ll end up with an internationally recognized TEFL certificate that will help you find work teaching English overseas!

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TEFL Courses in Sydney

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Teaching English overseas is a great way to travel, earn money and boost your resume at the same time… and it all starts with a TEFL course! Getting qualified has never been easier, so if you’re looking to start your adventure right now, a Classroom course in Sydney which takes place over just one weekend might be what you’re looking for!

What's Included in The Sydney TEFL Course?

When you study TEFL in Sydney with i-to-i, you’ll be taught by a tutor with at least three years experience of teaching English overseas. They’ve been there, seen it and done it. So they’ll be able to answer any questions you have about teaching English overseas.

What happens during the Classroom course? First thing first, this is often the first taste of practical teaching for many TEFL teachers so you won’t be alone! You’ll learn how to make lesson plans, different activities, warmers, how to teach different levels of English learners and how to teach English grammar (you will probably learn a lot of it for yourself too!) 

At a Glance: TEFL Courses in Sydney

  • By taking a TEFL course in Sydney, you'll be able to make the most of skills that you already have: your ability to speak, write and understand the English language.
  • If you catch the TEFL bug you can add on extra hours of online TEFL study to give you a higher level qualification that will make it easier to find well paid work overseas such as the EDI CertTEFL
  • Studying TEFL in Sydney will enable you live and work overseas, get a deeper insight into other cultures, travel off the beaten track and earn a decent working wage as you travel. Not a bad life eh?

For more details on TEFL courses in Sydney, email tefl@i-to-i.com