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TEFL Courses in Los Angeles

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Looking to start a new life overseas? Getting TEFL qualified has never been easier. Take your pick from a 20 hour Practical TEFL Course surrounded by fellow aspiring TEFL teachers to a comprehensive 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course!

Find A Los Angeles TEFL Course That Suits You

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Classroom TEFL Courses

Choose from our Professional TEFL Certificate which is endorsed by leading employers worldwide and includes 120 Hours of comprehensive online training as well as 20 hours of practical weekend classroom training. Alternatively you can opt instead for our Foundation Certificate which includes the weekend classroom training for an introduction to TEFL.

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Professional TEFL Certificate

was $599.00
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Professional TEFL Certificate

was $349.00
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Endorsed by TEFL employers worldwide 
Unique TEFL eResume to maximise your job opportunities 
'Job ready' professional TEFL training 
Interactive online training with personalised tutor feedback 
Accessible 24/7 via your computer, tablet or smartphone 
Free access to over 4000 jobs worldwide 
20 hours practical training from experienced TEFL tutors 
Practice typical TEFL scenarios with other TEFLers 
Group interaction and shared learning 
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Los Angeles TEFL Courses

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Becoming TEFL certified will allow you to travel the world, boost your resume and learn new skills along the way. Whether you’re looking for a short-term experience or a new career, TEFL is for everyone.

Our TEFL courses in Los Angeles will provide you with all the skills to make you a confident English teacher and a qualification that is recognized by employers all over the world.

What's Included in The Los Angeles TEFL Course?

Our Classroom Courses in Los Angeles will provide you with all the practical training you’ll need to start your teaching adventure overseas.

Your classroom course will introduce you to a range of teaching skills, including:

  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • How to teach conversational English
  • How to explain the ins and outs of English grammar

What to expect from the weekend? You’ll be trained by an expert tutor and meet like-minded ‘TEFLers’ in a relaxed, fun atmosphere! Trust us when we say that at the end of your weekend you’ll feel a confident teacher eager to start your teaching adventure overseas!

At a Glance: TEFL in Los Angeles

  • English is increasingly becoming the international language of business and tourism and English language teachers are in high demand around the world. So once you earned your TEFL certificate, you won’t be short of job opportunities.
  • Studying TEFL in Los Angeles will give you a qualification that will allow you to work pretty much anywhere in the world and give you the chance to experience other cultures and have a lifetime of truly amazing travel experiences.
  • You’ll learn new skills, meet new people and gain confidence in your teaching ability!

For more details on TEFL courses in Los Angeles, email tefl@i-to-i.com