Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong

Often dubbed as the “most thrilling city on the planet”, China’s amazing city of Hong Kong offers a vibrant mix of frantic city life with exoticism; the best of all worlds for global adventurers travelling Asia looking for an enthralling cocktail of excitement and culture. It’s easy to see why teaching English in Hong Kong is so desirable. However, there is much more to China than the dazzling metropolis of Hong Kong.

Although China’s breadth of climates and stunning landscapes make it a naturally rich country, this is not the case for its infrastructure; there are many underprivileged people in desperate need of development.

Considering the irresistible appeal of Asia’s most populous nation, it’s not hard to see why teaching English in China is extremely popular. Living and working in China has become a lot easier since the relaxation of restrictions on foreign visitors and improvements in transport networks, making it the perfect destination to teach English in!
We offer a wealth of teaching English jobs in China; whether you fancy stepping into China’s bustling capital with a volunteer teaching English placement in Beijing, living in a bustling historic city teaching English at primary schools or universities in Xi’an, or live in an exotic paradise teaching English to kindergarten children on Hainan Island.

Whatever teaching English work in China you choose, you’ll have an incredible travel adventure abroad, add to your teaching portfolio and life experience, while giving something amazing back.