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You can live & work overseas

Fund Your Travels Overseas With TEFL

If you’re looking to live and work abroad, then TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) could be the perfect way for you to fund your travels and experience cultures in a totally new way!

You don’t need any previous teaching experience or the ability to speak the local language. All it takes is a TEFL course to get started and you can find paid work in amazing destinations worldwide!

So, get started today – find our if TEFL is right for you with our FREE TEFL Quiz and discover how to make it happen!

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Where can I teach?

Teaching abroad is a great way to discover some of the world’s most sought after travel destinations. Whether you want to teach business people in China or kindergartners in Thailand, with a TEFL qualification you’ll be able to apply for thousands of amazing paid roles in countries all over the globe.

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What's it like?


"I’ve always loved working with children because it’s so fun and rewarding and this is especially the case when you’re helping them to learn something so valuable like a new language."

Liz Tavener, who teaches in South Korea


"I actually, honestly love everything here in South Korea: do TEFL, go and explore, have a blast – these have been the best ten months of my life."

Sophie Roberts, who has taught in both China and South Korea


"I love being able to see someone progress because of a combination of their motivation and my enthusiasm. After working in advertising for seven years, teaching has been a much more rewarding experience!"

Andrew Coogan, who teaches in Hong Kong


"If I am at school or at home I feel the same level of contentment and joy. If it’s Monday or Saturday my feelings towards the day are mirrored. I love my work life and my personal life!"

Danni, who teaches in China


"My experience in Thailand has been one in a million. It really was the trip of a lifetime! I met the most amazing people, learnt so much about myself and the world, taught in a fantastic school and made some golden memories."

Heidi, who taught in Thailand

i-to-i TEFL

About i-to-i TEFL

i-to-i TEFL was founded in 1994, bursting onto the scene with the world’s first classroom TEFL course - and we’ve been pioneering in the TEFL world ever since! So far, our small but expert team has helped over 182,000 people graduate, and our teachers are living the dream teaching English in the furthest flung corners of the map. We’d love to help you get overseas living the TEFL life – get in contact today!

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