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TEFL Courses in Ireland

Seeing the world doesn’t always mean being part of a guided tour. If you want to get out there and do something different, we’ve got just the travel solution for you! TEFL Courses in Ireland are the perfect way to combine a wonderful globe trotting adventure, getting some great teaching experience and earning some money on your travels! TEFL Courses in Ireland could be the path to that very much needed break from study, an very unique travel experience or a new life abroad as a TEFL teacher!

Even if you’re in a hurry to get packing and get travelling our TEFL Ireland Courses can get you qualified in as little a 20 hours! TEFL Ireland classroom courses will teach you everything you need to know to be a great TEFL teacher. The classroom course covers all the TEFL essentials; as well as TEFL theory and grammar, you will have the chance to get some practice in and try your hand at teaching before you start taking classes of your own! Our courses run all around the country from Dublin to Belfast, so no matter where you are you’ll be able to get TEFL qualified!

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We’ve been in the TEFL industry; working with schools and getting people TEFL trained for more than a decade, so we like to think we know a thing or two about teaching English abroad and what it takes to be a good TEFL teacher. Not only are our Ireland classroom courses internationally recognised by the ODLQC they’re a great way of getting fully TEFL qualified if time isn’t on your side!

With quite a few years of TEFL experience, we know different courses suit different people, that’s why we’ve developed a brilliant range of TEFL options! If you’re on the move or even if you’d like to get qualified from the comfort of your own home,  our Online TEFL Courses are a fantastic way to get qualified from anywhere in the world on a timescale that suits you.