Teaching English in Brazil: Rhiannon’s Story

Meet Rhiannon: an i-to-i TEFL graduate originally from the UK, who has been teaching English in Brazil since 2009, documenting her time abroad and providing helpful and fun activities for the TEFL classroom on her blog, Rainy Day ELT.  Whether you’re considering teaching in Brazil, or want a few tips for the classroom, it’s definitely worth a look!

I had the opportunity to speak to Rhiannon to find out about her life abroad in Brazil, how she started TEFLing and her current projects she’s also focusing on…

Rhiannon’s Story

I first came to Brazil in 2009 as part of my year abroad. Originally, I was enrolled to study at a Brazilian University but after spending a couple of weeks doing volunteer work in Rio de Janeiro I decided I’d prefer to spend my time doing that. I started helping out at an NGO that had sporadic English classes and quickly realised the potential to offer a more concrete course to the residents of the community. I did an online course with i-to-i to learn more about TEFL; it was really useful because I could do it straight away and at my own pace. I used the knowledge I acquired to restructure the English class and transform them into different courses for more than 100 students. After finishing University I went on to do an International Diploma in English Language Teaching qualification, returned to Brazil and started working in language schools. Eventually I went out on my own and set up my own small business, offering English language services to companies.

I’ve always loved writing and being creative so have branched into writing materials for English language teaching for a number of organisations, as well as continuing to work with English in social projects. I recently completed a series of material that combines English and citizenship teaching for children from low-income communities in Rio de Janeiro and was awarded a grant to turn it into a project at a local NGO. I upload a lot of my lesson plans and activities to my blog, Rainy Day ELT. I also work as a teacher trainer now, helping other teachers to learn and practise new teaching strategies, which is very rewarding.

For many people, TEFL is a great way of spending time in a different country but it shouldn’t be underestimated as just something to earn a bit of money; it involves so many different areas and has the potential to lead into so many different things. Personally, it was definitely a stepping stone that helped me realised what I love doing and has helped me gain so many useful skills; but if you want to find out my favourite thing about teaching English in Brazil, take a look at the video below, filmed on a day off at Lagoa Rodrigues Freitas in Rio!


Image sourced: https://www.flickr.com/photos/soldon/

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