Why You Should Teach English in Taiwan

Why teach English in Taiwan?

Taiwan: forgotten man of the Far East, tucked away between China and Japan; it has more to it than people think.  One of the older names for the country was Formosa, which literally translates to ‘Beautiful Island’, and this moniker is well-deserved.  Taiwan crams an incredible amount of breath-taking scenery into a manageable island package.  Combining a remarkable degree of wildness and wilderness with the convenience of modern amenities and infrastructure, you will find that you are able to travel easily to and from anywhere in the country.

A low cost of living means that teachers can live comfortably in Taiwan and save money for trips further afield. Should lining your pockets not be a priority, then there’s plenty to spend your money on: luxurious gyms, delicious food and enjoying an amazing nightlife.

Sounds great, but are there many opportunities?

With its fast-growing economy, the market for English language teaching is high and getting higher all the time.  From the thronged streets and smoky skies of Taipei to the sand-swept beaches of Kenting, your skills as a native English-speaking ESL teacher will make you very much in demand.

I’ll pack my bags.  Now, how do I get a job there?

There are a number of ways to approach looking for ESL work in Taiwan.  For the brave and the bold, simply buying a plane ticket and door-stopping the dizzying array of schools in Taipei alone could pay dividends.  For those of a less risk-taking bent, there are a number of recruitment agencies who can help you secure something more concrete before you touch down.  Either way, the process is very quick and easy.

You say ‘quick’.  How quick is ‘quick’?

Very quick! You would arrive in Taiwan on a landing visa, and then apply for a working visa when you have a job. For most people this is obtained on arrival in Taiwan, but for a few countries you will need to get it before setting off. There are a few other things to consider, such as health insurance, but nothing too time consuming. If you arrive on Friday there’s no reason you can’t be working by Monday.

You can view the latest opportunities in Taiwan on our Jobs Board here!

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