How Cheap is Vietnam?

Are you thinking of heading out on the Vietnam internship?  We wouldn’t blame you – the bustling cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh; and the stunning natural scenery (we’re looking at you, Ha Long Bay!) It’s enough to lure anyone into embarking on a Vietnamese adventure.  Couple that with a high demand for English teachers, respectful and motivated students and you’ve got yourself a TEFL match made in heaven!

On the Vietnam internship, not only will you receive full in-country support from our expert partners, full accommodation and an amazing teaching experience; but you’ll also receive a really generous living allowance.  If you’ve started thinking, “But how far will that actually get me?” – you’re in the right place!



To say that the food in Vietnam is cheap is an understatement. You’ll be able to grab yourself some Pho for a $1-2. For those of you wondering what Pho is, we promise it’ll quickly become a firm favourite. It’s a hugely popular soup in Vietnam full of tasty goodness like beansprouts, basil, chilli sauce and normally chicken or beef. If you’re after more of a sit down meal you can expect to pay between $6-10 for traditional Vietnamese food. As with everywhere in Southeast Asia, if you want Western food expect to pay more.



One of the definite perks of Vietnam is that a beer is about the same price as a bottle of water, $1! We’re not here to tell you what decisions to make but keep hydrated and have fun!



Chances are you’ll be located near enough to your school so you can either walk or the school will provide you with a bicycle, so you’re transport costs and carbon footprint are low! If you do need to take public transport you’ll find the buses the cheapest way to get around with it costing around $0.50 for a ride! Don’t worry if you’re not up for braving the buses straight away, a taxi ride will only set you back a few dollars (depending where you’re going!)



The Paid Vietnam TEFL Internship is great for so many reasons but one of the biggies is that your accommodation is sorted for you. However, if you decide to keep on teaching in Vietnam at the end of your trip you may need to arrange your own place to live. Ho Chi Minh City is slightly more expensive than Hanoi but you can expect to pay between $200-400 per month for a room in a shared house. Not bad considering your bills will almost certainly be included!


One thing’s for sure, you’ll find that your monthly allowance goes much further than you originally thought!

Find out more about what it’s like on our Paid Vietnam TEFL Internship and check out the blogs from our past interns – perfect for getting that insider info! Or download the guide here.

Not sure if Vietnam is for you? Never fear – we run Paid Internships to China and Thailand too.

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