Should I Teach English Abroad?

Should I Teach English Abroad? Of course you should! But don’t take our word for it…

In the interests of your general welfare, the i-to-i team have put together a list of reasons when you know you should make the move to teach English abroad… how many of them can you relate to?

It’s time to TEFL if …

The first 2 songs on your iPod are ‘I Want to Break Free’ and ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ it’s time to TEFL.

Your mum doesn’t bother asking you what’s new when she calls.  She knows the answer.  It’s time to TEFL.

You spend at least an hour a day staring at your Pinterest boards and willing yourself to have the power to jump into the pictures (like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins).  It’s time to TEFL.

If your Nan has a better social life than you, it’s time to TEFL.

You mix 3 cup noodle flavours into 1 and serve it to your friends as an exotic dinner party recipe.  It’s time to TEFL.

The most daring thing you did this week was eat a yoghurt 2 days past its use by date.  It’s time to TEFL.

You get to work and have forgotten your computer login.  And what job you do.  And the names of all your colleagues.  And the name of your company… it’s time to TEFL.

Your skin has become see-through, it’s so pale because we haven’t seen the sun in this country for 3 years, it’s time to TEFL

Your first thought each morning is ‘nice weather…not’, it’s time to TEFL

You found a hidden depth and meaning to the lyrics of ‘Gangnam style’.  Why can’t anyone else see this?  It’s time to TEFL.

Every time your work colleagues ask you something, you have to fight the urge to say ‘frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn’.  Every.  Single.  Time.  It’s time to TEFL.

You arrived in work today and had no recollection of how you got there, it’s time to TEFL.

You can’t choose between baked beans or baked beans with sausages in… it’s time to TEFL.

You play the lottery religiously every week… it’s time to TEFL

The lady at the sandwich shop says the same two words to you every day… “the usual?”  It’s time to TEFL.

Your nickname at work is the routine queen, it’s time to TEFL.

You try and make a faux beach out of the spilled sugar in the tea room to try and get that transported away feeling.  It’s time to TEFL.

You have 4 versions of your resignation letter saved in your draft emails (the winning the lottery version, the don’t need a reference version, the truthful version and the version you’ll probably end up using), it’s time to TEFL.

You don’t even bother asking your other half ‘how was your day’ because you know the answer, it’s time to TEFL.

The most exciting thing to happen to you all day is when someone nearly fell off their chair at work, it’s time to TEFL.

When watching Eastenders you are envious of how action-packed the characters’ lives are.  And you’re watching them going to the pub.  It’s time to TEFL.

If you’re looking forward to the weekend just so you can watch the latest X-Factor, it’s time to TEFL.

You feel that it’s time to write a strongly worded letter to your MP about your grid-locked commute to work, it’s time to TEFL.

If you’re excited in anticipation of tonight’s ‘I’m a Celebrity’ it’s time to TEFL.

If you really can’t stand the sound of festive tunes while you shop, it’s time to TEFL.

If you had to stand all the way on the tube/train again today, it’s time to TEFL.

Your shoes leaked in the rain… again, it’s time to TEFL.

You’re having ham sandwiches for the 3rd time this week… it’s time to TEFL.

Your boss has given you more work to do and called it ‘the highest priority’ it’s time to TEFL.

The biggest issue at work today is what was on the telly last night, it’s time to TEFL.

If your butler didn’t starch your shirts properly this morning, it’s time to TEFL.

The bus went by full this morning, and left you standing in the rain and late for work, it’s time to TEFL.

The biggest decision you had to make today was whether to have a fruit scone or a plain scone, it’s time to TEFL.

If you are living abroad and contractually obliged to be at a school full of non-native English speakers today, it’s probably time to TEFL.

The biggest job satisfaction you get is scooting out the door at 5.30 on a Friday, it’s time to TEFL.

Your girlfriend is trying to drag you to the 52nd instalment of the Twilight/ series, it’s time to TEFL

You’ve sat and read this entire list and you’re STILL not TEFLing, it’s time to TEFL!

Got any more for the list? Just post them below!

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